Yearn Finance: DeFi’s Billion Dollar Giant (YFI)

Video transcription

Greetings: everybody that’s Michael or cooper, and today we are discussing, yearn finance, a coin which, out of the blue, came and hit past 12 000. It actually surpassed ’s price. It is now valued at over four 13 dollars, and I was absolutely fascinated by this because I saw it and I was like wait.

What is this coin? It’s ranked number 50, or at least it was a few days ago, and it went up over 50 in that one day over 50. That is absolutely astonishing. It is a d5 project. Yes, that’s right folks, so I guess this is my first video on d5 projects: uh yeah, let’s get into it!

Welcome, everybody. It is Saturday, 10, 27 p.m. August, 22nd, almost the end of August, so hopefully, you’re having a great rest of your summer. Berkshire Hathaway is priced. The reason I want to talk about this is this is essentially what why to earn. I was pronouncing it wrong. It’s wired and technically before that was named, I earn. I guess they changed their name anyway. I prefer to yearn. So just stick with me anyway, so there are two wide earned cryptocurrencies out there and it’s just like Berkshire Hathaway , a and b stock b is for normal investors.

This is 207.43. This is Warren Buffett’s company, but unfortunately, there is a version where this aversion. The reason, unfortunately, I mean, if you’re rich enough to have it hey, it’s been doing pretty well. If you look at the maximum, I mean look at that. It used to be like seven thousand dollars back in 1990 and currently, it’s at 311 126, but most people don’t have that because that one stock of Berkshire Hathaway is enough to beat out most house prizes for middle-class Americans and that’s essentially what’s going On with, why earn here we have urine finance number two for 800.64 cents, and this is up since July, so at its maximum, I guess it was 1124.60, which is still a pretty big price for a d5 project, but this isn’t the earner this one is why earn finance you at thirteen thousand eighty-five dollars and forty-six cents?

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