Major US Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin Scam, Avoid Bitcoin Scam

Depending on your time, you may receive one of the following messages because your email address is a new event. Scammers can say that they have the right to use your computer or webcam or smart software installed to defeat you.

That’s all. However, they may actually know one of your old (or most recent) passwords and include it in the verification message. Once you’ve seen the password, you know it’s time to update your account password and consider updating other passwords at once.

In any case, it is very difficult to track money to catch criminals. Like many angry users, the legal service will ask some strong questions on Twitter about how this happened.

Decryption of Bitcoin fraud: How hackers defrauded 8.9 million rupees from Twitter

Twitter immediately restricted the feature and locked accounts for some users after the attack. Although many features are back, “some features (ie access to Twitter download features) and processes have been affected,” Twitter said in its blog post. The company also stated, ”

Strongly restricts “current access to its internal tools and” improves our methods for detecting and preventing incorrect access to internal systems. ”

Blackmail fraud

Some say they are aware of the suspicious transaction or other embarrassing things and are asking for payment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in exchange for silence.

These fraudsters can use threats, threats, and high-handed methods to get you to pay immediately. But as we wrote in this blog post, this is not only a fraud but also criminal blackmail. Report to local police, FBI, and Federal Trade Commission via

Late in the evening, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote: “We had a difficult day on Twitter. We all feel terrible that this is happening. When we are more complete about what happened When we understand, we will diagnose and share everything we can. Product Manager Kayvon Beykpour also issued a public statement on his personal account, writing: “Our security incident investigation is still ongoing, but we An update will be posted soon via @TwitterSupport to provide more information. At the same time, I just want to feel very sorry about the devastation and frustration caused by this incident for our customers. ”

Bitcoin scammers

There is almost no immediate evidence of who initiated the attack. According to the information, North Korea, which previously used Bitcoin, is largely one of the most obvious obligations for an attack of this scale.

But its nature, according to senior U.S. intelligence officials, “effective but amateurish” led the U.S. intelligence agency to make a preliminary assessment that it may be a personal hacker, not a country.

By getting information about employees, they can find specific employees who have access to our account support tool. Then they targeted 130 Twitter accounts

Before sending bitcoin to an address, you can check if the address has been reported as an address used for fraud. Bitcoin Abuse is a popular website with a public database of Bitcoin addresses used by hackers and criminals.

You can look up bitcoin addresses, report fraudulent addresses, and monitor addresses reported by others.

The first wave of attacks on Twitter were Twitter accounts of well-known cryptocurrency leaders and companies. But soon after, the list of victims was expanded to include Americans who are in the areas of politics, entertainment, and technology, which is the hacker’s main force.


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  1. Its normal to win and lose when investing. But its heart breaking when you know you have been cheated. I was caught up in a scam with bitsane last year that cost me BTC. This guys came up with a fake story of being hacked when it was actually an insider affair. Luckily i was able to track and recover my funds thanks to fightingscams at AOL dot com. I strongly recommend them to other victims going thru similar situations. Together we can uncover the truth and save millions of other people.

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