Is a House a Good Investment For You?

Are you among the crowd who is still thinking of where to invest the money they earned from years of working hard? There may have been unsolicited advises convincing you to put your share on various networking companies. Some may have even told you to put up a startup company. But is this the most practical thing you could probably do to your money? Perhaps, yes, if its your choice.

However, investing has its ups and downs depending on the industry you’re going to delve into. Yet, do you know that buying a house or owning one is one of the most intelligent investments you would probably make. Why?

Homes can be turned into rental properties. With necessary adjustments and with proper leasing or rental documents, you can turn your house into an additional income stream. What’s even good is rental fees tend to increase on regular intervals. There are persons who often move because of job changes. They constantly look for homes which they can rent, and yours can be their next rental homes.

Depending on a home’s location, it can also be a perfect vacation house. Typically, families, especially those with children, and those which embrace the concept of extended families – do love to have vacation houses. During specific periods of the year, the house can serve as a reunion spot for relatives to gather. So, thinking of having a vacation house? Should it be near a beach, the woods, or perhaps one that offers mountainview or cityview otherwise?

Home values typically increase. Thus, if you’re going to put your house for a resale – chances are you’re going to get good profits. So you better ask your local real estate agent which areas have markets in which home prices experience surges. Commonly, these areas include those where professionals flock because of employment opportunities.

Buying a house is also seen by financial houses as a better investment than credit cards. This is one reason why there are many lenders that charge low-interest rates on home mortgages.

Are these reasons still not enough to convince you how good of an investment is owning a house? Another bonus benefit of owning a house is the local community attachment you’re going to build. You’re start to have acquaintances who’ll later become your friends. Your neighbors will likely become close to you like family. There will be some sort of emotional attachment.

This Man Owns $321M In Bitcoin – But He Can’t Access It Because He Lost His Password

Stefan Thomas, the founder and CEO of micropayment streaming service Coil, has $321 million worth of bitcoins he can’t access. (Submitted by Stefan Thomas) As It Happens 6:59 Stefan Thomas is a bitcoin millionaire. Or, he would be if only he could remember his password. The San Francisco software developer […]

The 12 Most Important Tips for Safer Trust Deed Investments,

Just the day prior to this the Feds raised their rate. Experts predict that many individual lenders together with accept as true with deed buyers who lend loans based totally on belongings – called home fairness line of credit score (i.E. HELOCs) – will see their loans can-kicked.

So if you are believe deed investor what can you do to guard your finances?


1. Take time to study and make yourself familiar with every object contained inside the initial identify file that is issued shortly after the escrow is opened. This record (otherwise called a pre-lim) incorporates gadgets so that it will need to be removed as a condition of your funding this new agree with deed loan investment. Many investors want to study the pre-lim to emerge as acquainted with the homes easements, tests, mineral rights, assessed valuation and so forth. Some of those phrases may be eliminated afterward when you benefit manipulate of the assets; some not. You may like to see its contents.

2. Have you devoted to the shortest viable mortgage term? Trust deeds which are funded for too long are greater volatile since they can be hard, high-priced, or impossible to liquidate in case of an emergency. Many buyers fund for no longer than a 12 months. Deeds are safe in that they may be liquidated inside the occasion of an emergency for full face cost. Other buyers have found that funding loans for two or three years seems to work excellent.

three. Never make any loan extensions, extra advances, modifications or other modifications of any kind to an current real estate mortgage with out first obtaining written approval from other minor lien holders of document. You can lose your investment and be sued for this even in case you have been unaware that any such lienholder existed.

four. Go down and test that property yourself even though although other parties – which includes the broker, appraiser and title organisation – have already looked at it. After all, it’s your cash which you’re loaning to fund it.

five. Did you use as many approaches to price as viable to fee the constructing? There are diverse methods of gauging the properties’ marketplace price and you can want to apply a variety to envision which you’re making a wise funding. Here are a few indicators of price that you may want to use:

  • examine the appraisal
  • ask your realtor for records on closed income of comparable residences
  • test the tax assessor’s opinion of value on the pre-lim.
  • don’t forget the assets’s really worth to you in case you were to shop for it these days.

6. Do you know how the borrower plans to pay off the mortgage? You may additionally find yourself in problem if you have not inquired. Aside from which, federal and customer safety laws insist which you inquire otherwise you can find your self sued and your consumer may exonerate himself from the transaction.

7. Many buyers endorse that your LTV hovers round 60% LTV (Loan To Value Ratio) to 50% LTV. Do not exceed that as collateral for any money you lend in any other case your transaction may additionally well come to be being unprofitable.

8. Did you simplest use “existing” enhancements to establish the homes contemporary price? You can be mistakenly inclusive of promised or hypothetical enhancements into your calculations. Many starting investors fall into the lure of arranging loans primarily based on guarantees of destiny improvements (that both never arise or cross miserably off-route). We hop you do not fall into the entice.

9. Have you included all crucial clauses? Do you realize who will hold the unique observe and deed of believe? Have you included that? Your broker can’t. (In California this is illegal).

10. Did you require the purchase and pre-price of twelve months fireplace coverage top rate paid in full? Have you finished this escrow? Caution: Coverage will be cancelled in case you permit the borrower to write down a take a look at for it out of doors escrow and her take a look at bounces!

eleven. Always send a 90 day observe of balloon price to all debtors one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty days prior to the date in their balloon fee. This isn’t always essential but saves you a good buy of hassle and may save you you from being sued.

12. Has the organisation’s proprietor also signed individually for the mortgage on a non-public guarantor shape? The borrower’s motivation to walk away with out repaying you is probably hindered if his own name is tagged with that of the corporation. It also right away separates the debtors you need from those you do not.


Finally, always but always, run intensive tests on property price and on background and worthiness of these you wish to loan to. Can they pay off you? If so how? Is belongings worthwhile? Will it repay your proceeds? Running these assessments will involve time, but can by no means harm… You’ll quit with a safer consider deed investing experience.

How Microstrategy CEO Turned “Scary” Bitcoin Investment Into More Than $250 Million


Key Takeaways

  • Saylor states that the economic crisis of 2020 caused hyperinflation of major assets.
  • “Bitcoin is about digital scarcity,” says Saylor.
  • He believes that cash is losing value at a pace far greater than the media reports.

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Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, recently made headlines for revealing that he personally owns $245 million worth of Bitcoin. His company’s stash is nearly double that. 

Under Saylor’s leadership, Microstrategy Recently increased its BTC holdings by $175 million to a whopping $425 million. 

But why the big bet? The pandemic, of course. 

More importantly, how this pandemic, and its economic fallout, has changed the world of money forever.

Stocks Are Now Hyperinflated. Cash Will Become Worthless

Saylor states that while the nominal rate of monetary inflation is zero, the pandemic caused hyperinflation of assets. This wasn’t reported in the news, however. 

Because central banks like the ECB and Federal Reserve have been increasing the money supply to stimulate the economy, the value of stocks and their companies has seen a major decoupling. 

“Every asset that represented the value of an entity was going up in value, while the actual value of the entity was going down,” explains Saylor. “The nominal inflation rate is zero, but the asset inflation rate is 15%.” 

The Microstrategy CEO pointed out that Apple stock has somehow doubled despite flat revenues. With rampant asset inflation and plummeting cash value, Saylor sought alternative assets to preserve his wealth.

At first, Saylor was skeptical of Bitcoin, saying it felt “scary.” 

However, he soon changed his mind, concluding that it was more efficient than gold or any other asset as a store of value. 

Saylor Has Invested Hundreds of Millions in Bitcoin

Since this realization, Saylor directed his company to buy $425 million worth of Bitcoin in total. He also personally holds over 17,000 BTC. 

The decision makes perfect sense, according to Sayler. 

He views money as a form of energy and Bitcoin as the most efficient way to channel that energy, especially now that the fiat supply is expanding rapidly. In his mind, the risk does not come with a broad bet on the crypto industry, but rather in choosing Bitcoin specifically.

“Bitcoin is about digital scarcity,” says Saylor. “If you don’t understand monetary energy, you don’t understand Bitcoin.” 

Saylor cut his teeth investing in valuable .com registrars, buying domains like “,” flipping them for a profit later. He views his confidence in the .com domain category as equivalent to choosing Bitcoin. 

Because Bitcoin is the dominant blockchain and has had ten years to mature, Saylor believes he has made the right decision, even if not everyone around him feels the same way. 

“There are people in the outside world that don’t agree with me,” says Saylor. “If they all agreed with me, I wouldn’t be able to buy Bitcoin. It would be too expensive.”

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Square’s Bitcoin Investment Made $2 Million Over The Last 24 Hours

Bitcoin price blasted back above $11,000 in response to yesterday’s news that the Jack Dorsey-led Square Inc. had purchased 4,709 BTC to add to company reserves.

Since the news broke about the payment firm’s innovative corporate investment – a growing trend now – the cryptocurrency has risen 4%, adding an enormous sum in ROI to Square’s holdings. Here’s what it could mean for the market, and if a domino effect is beginning with this latest development.

Square Inc. Invests In Bitcoin, Discloses Purchase Of Over 4700 BTC

Just like in the world of stocks, commodities, and more, when businesses make moves, the assets related to them respond. The response from Bitcoin recently thanks to one corporate giant’s interest in the cryptocurrency has been substantial. But there are also few companies that are as integral to the asset’s growth as Square Inc.

Payments mammoth Square is the parent company of Cash App, and its CEO is outspoken Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey. Dorsey has several times in the past referenced the cryptocurrency becoming the internet’s currency eventually.

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Bitcoin itself has been positioned as everything from the next global reserve currency, to a store of value, safe haven asset, and an insurance policy against the unknown.

Dorsey’s Cash App began offering BTC purchases back at the end of the crypto bubble but has built itself a profitable business out of it over the years. Now, its Square’s own investments that are profitable.

bitcoin btcusd btc square

<style=”text-align: center;”>BTCUSD Hourly Chart Square News FOMO Breakout | Source: TradingView

Supply Shock Prompts Immediate FOMO, Holdings Earn $2 Million In 24 Hours

There will only ever be 21 million BTC to exist, and while 4709 may not seem like a sizable chunk taken out of that, it is only the second stone cast by tech corporations seeking to add the cryptocurrency into its reserves alongside cash.

The trend is due to cash losing its buying power, and tech pioneers are looking for new-age solutions to old world problems that have left the economy on the ropes.

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Bitcoin was designed to be the solution to these problems but is still very early on in its young lifecycle of just ten years. Only recently, have corporations like Square, MicroStrategy, and perhaps soon more, started looking at BTC to stave off inflation. It could ultimately become a widespread trend and one that brings the peak of the next bull run to incredible heights.

The initial reaction was enough to cause a 4% rally in Bitcoin, taking Square’s investment up $2 million over the last 24 hours, based on a $425 gain across 4,709 BTC bought.

As more follow this lead, daily gains like these may return to being the norm once again for Bitcoin.
Featured image from Deposit Photos, Charts from TradingView

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Should You Invest In Bitcoin Or Trade Bitcoin? Successful Investment

There are a number of stories about Bitcoin traders that have made a great deal of money on the back of the volatility of the digital currency.

Some traders are able to make consistent profits most days with Bitcoin. So if you are just starting out with Bitcoin should you trade or go for long term investment?

Bitcoin Trading

If you are new to Bitcoin then it is not impossible for you to make trades to make regular profits. But this is not an easy thing to do. It takes a good deal of experience and you need to be mentally and financially ready. To make consistent profits from trading you need to buy low and sell high.
When you first start to trade Bitcoin it is natural for you to panic when prices change. Bitcoin is now very valuable and there can literally be thousands of dollars at stake. The more money that you are using the more likely you are to panic.

Learn how to Trade Bitcoin

We would never recommend that you just jump into Bitcoin trading. You need to learn everything that you can about it first. A number of the exchanges will provide you with a dummy account where you can practice. These accounts have real time prices like the real ones and if you make a mistake then you can learn from them.

It doesn’t matter if you blow all of the pretend money in a demo account. Just get another demo account and try again. But imagine this was real money you were trading with – it would be devastating to lose everything wouldn’t it?

Create a Trading Plan

The best Bitcoin traders have a plan. They have minimum buy prices and sell prices. They stick to this plan no matter what and never enter into emotional trades because they “feel right”. When you start trading Bitcoin forgets about making a ton of money in a day. If you have this attitude you are more likely to make a lot of mistakes.

Never go all-in on a trade. Just use small amounts of money to trade with until you develop the skills and experience that you need. It doesn’t matter how good an opportunity seems to be – just stick with small amounts when you are starting out.

Bitcoin Investing

The difference between Bitcoin investing and trading is the amount of time involved. With Bitcoin investing you are committing to the long term which we believe is a smarter decision. When you invest over the longer term you are able to cover off the volatility of Bitcoin and have the best chance of a good return.
One of the best methods to use for Bitcoin investment is the dollar cost averaging method.

The concept here is to invest smaller amounts regularly so that you can take advantage of price swings. For example if you decide you can invest $100 a week then some weeks you will get more Bitcoins for your money and other weeks you will get less. Over a period of time, this should always average out so that at the end of the investing period you have still made a reasonable return.