Highlighting FDIC’s Crypto Warning as a Reflection of U.S. Banking Agencies’ Hands-Off Approach

Introduction The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies and their widespread adoption has spurred regulators and financial institutions worldwide to reassess their stance on digital assets. In the United States, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently issued a warning regarding the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. This move underscores the arm’s-length policy adopted by U.S. banking agencies […]

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez to Embrace Bitcoin Donations for Presidential Campaign

Introduction Intro In a groundbreaking move that emphasizes the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream politics, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has announced his purpose to approve campaign donations in Bitcoin for his governmental bid. This new action not just highlights the mayor’s  intent to fundraising however additionally showcases the raising recognition of cryptocurrencies as genuine […]

Filecoin storage utilization surpasses 7% in Q2: Report

According to a July 13 report by Messari, Filecoin currently averages 954.2 pebibytes (1.07 billion gigabytes) worth of storage deals on its network, compared with 12.2 exbibytes (14.1 billion gigabytes) worth of raw storage capacity. Until recently, uptake had been sluggish due to high storage costs compared with centralized alternatives such as Amazon Web Services. […]

Alameda Seeks To ‘Maximize Recoveries’ In Suing Grayscale Over Devalued BTC Trust; Alleges ‘Exorbitant’ Management Fees

Ad FTX said that its affiliate Alameda Research has sued Grayscale, as indicated in a press release published by the former company on March 6. Alameda challenges fees, locked redemptions In its press release, FTX alleged that Grayscale gained more than $1.3 billion from “exorbitant” management fees over two years. It also complained that Grayscale […]