How To Use The Blue Wallet To Easily Send Money On The Internet Or On Your Smartphone

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Blue wallet is an online wallet for encrypted currencies. You can use it to send and receive digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. You can also use the Blue Wallet app to manage your digital value.

It is easy to use the blue wallet and transfer money. Start with registering your free account on the official Blue Wallet website. Then you will be able to create your personal cryptocurrency address and start using it.

You can also collect certain information in your personal account on the Blue wallet website. After that, you will be able to use the Blue wallet application to send money on the Internet or on your smartphone.

Use the Blue wallet app to easily send money

You can use the Blue wallet app to easily send money between two different Android devices. The first step is to open the Android device that “you’ve had” configured a private key. Then you have to click on the “Send” option on the next screen. Now you can enter the amount, address, etc before pressing “Send”. This transaction will take some time to complete, depending on the network’s confirmation speed.

The blue wallet has been installed. There are currently no charges in your account. You can use the Blockchain website, the Blockchain smartphone app, or use the mobile app to scan the QR code on the back of the card to transfer money to the blue wallet.

You must deposit 2.50 euros to activate your blue card. This is a one-time fee that is deducted from your first purchase. Then you can continue to use your blue card at no extra cost.

Your current balance is 0 euros, but you have some amount of Bitcoins with us, so you can immediately start using your Blue card to pay for goods and services online and in stores that accept Bitcoin. To see your purchase history, just visit:

If you do not want to use the blue wallet, skip this step.

Download the Blue Wallet

You can download the blue wallet from the following URL:

Create a new folder and unzip the files in this folder. Then double-click the file named “start.exe”.
This opens the wallet and creates your first address, which you can mark as you like (I used my name). Copy this address to a text document and label it (or write it on paper). If your computer crashes, you will need this address to get your money back.

Now click on “Receive” and then click on “Edit”. You get the address given here. Select one of them and click “Use for the label”. Now give the address a nice name (eg “Housing Fund”). It is important to write down the name of this address, we will use it to send money to the latter.

You can repeat this process until you have created several addresses with different names to separate different types of funds in your mind (for example, family funds, holiday funds, etc.).

Blue wallet Trading several cryptocurrency exchanges

A blue wallet is an excellent tool for first trading with several cryptocurrency exchanges.
If you have any problems installing the blue wallet, or if you have questions about sending coins from one exchange to another, please contact the support team at: [email protected].

We also recommend that you review the following guidelines:

To start using the blue wallet, you need to perform the following steps:

Download the entire Bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain exceeds 200 GB, so it may take several days to download.

  1. Activate your blue wallet.
    Go to Settings – Encrypted wallet.
  2. Write down your password in a safe place and store it in several places to prevent accidents on your computer / mobile phone / hard drive, etc.
  3. After encrypting the wallet, close it and open it again so that the encryption process completes correctly (this may take some time).
  4. Go to Settings Address and click on the “Show Advanced” button. Then create a new address by clicking the “New Address” button to the right of “Your Bitcoin Address”. This address will be your main address for sending and receiving BTC only outside the blue system (for example, from another exchange, another person, etc.). This means that if someone sends BTC to this address, it will appear in your balance,

But you won’t be able to send it back out of your Balance unless you perform an internal transfer.



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