How To Send Bitcoin To Another Wallet Or Bitcoin Exchanges

To send Bitcoins to another wallet, open the “Send” tab. Enter the address of the recipient, the amount of BTC you want to send, and click on the “send funds” button. If your transaction is smaller than 0.01 BTC, it is free; otherwise, you pay a small network fee.

The transaction will be confirmed after a few minutes and will be completed in a few hours. You can check its status by entering your receiving wallet address into the search bar at or website. The minimum amount for a withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC (5 mBTC). If you have an account at Poloniex and want to withdraw less than this sum, you have to convert your Bitcoins into USD first.*

This time Poloniex introduced a new system of account verification that allows traders not only to deposit and withdraw funds but also trade with them without full verification of their identity. The procedure of account verification is divided into two stages: Tier 1 (basic) and Tier 2 (advanced). All verified users are assigned a trading level from 1 to 4 according to the volume of transactions in their accounts.

If you are using Bitcoin-QT and want to send Bitcoin to your other wallet, then you should do the following: You send Bitcoin to an address belonging to a wallet, and the transaction will be added to the wallet’s balance. If you send Bitcoin to an address that does not belong to a wallet, the transaction will fail.

So if you want to send Bitcoins from your wallet to someone else’s address, make sure you are sending them to a wallet address!

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