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When you send a BitGo Instant transaction, if there are not enough confirmed expenses in your wallet, or if the transaction would cause you to exceed the risk limit supported by the wallet, the transaction may fail. The risk limit depends on the guaranteed amount of security or the risk limit BitGo applies to all wallets in a particular KRS service. When sending a BitGo Instant transaction, you must handle potential errors and can try again as a standard transaction.


BitGo - Web - Choose your wallet - Bitcoin


Click the “Create wallet” button on the “All wallets” page. You can use the wallets below with cryptocurrencies. For this example, we start with Bitcoin.

BitGo-Network-Choose your wallet-Bitcoin

For API calls that cost money, a valid session token is not enough. To access these API calls, the session must be unlocked using the Unlock API with additional OTP. A single unlock call allows users to complete transactions of any size (still covered by the wallet policy) or any number of transactions that do not exceed the internal BitGo escrow quota. The purpose of providing an encrypted private key with an address is that users can securely access their keys without storing them when connecting to BitGo. It is highly recommended that you use the user’s strong password to encrypt all private keys stored on the server. Encryption must be performed on the client. For simplicity, you can use Bitgo’s encryption/decryption functions, but you can use whichever encryption you want.

BitGo platform multi-signature wallet child transaction

BitGo Instant is built on our wallet platform and is a guarantee for BitGo to avoid double charges. As a co-signer of a multi-signature wallet, BitGo will never spend twice as much on production costs. We provide cryptographically signed guarantees for each transaction to support our commitment so that the recipient can accept funds without block confirmation. The child transaction will inevitably consume the unused products in the parent transaction. If the unused product is unable to pay the total fee required to assist the transaction, other wallet fees will be used, which have sufficient value to cover the remaining fees. These unused outputs will be unused outputs from Segregated Witness or P2SH, and the unused outputs are preferably isolated. If there is no other unused output, you can he content found, or the excess unused production that can not pay for the remaining sub-items, returns an error and no sub-item transactions are sent.

Bitgo create a new address for an existing wallet

The BitGo wallet consists of two separate address chains, designated 0 and 1. The 0 chains is usually used to receive money, while the 1 chain is used internally to create change when you consume from the wallet. The best method is to generate a new receiving address for each new incoming transaction to maximize integrity. It allows the storage and trading of digital assets through its wallet service. The wallet is a multifunctional HD that can be used in more than 50 countries. The key is distributed between several owners to manage risks. One of them is owned by BitGo and the other two are owned by the wallet owner. On the next screen, copy the API token that appears in the yellow box and paste it into the password manager. We will send it to your administrator as soon as possible. The API token only appears once, so make sure you have copied it correctly. You just need to create a wallet that applies to all wallets. By default, this method creates a backup keychain locally.

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