Traveling Around The World Using Bitcoin

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From Bitcoin Novice to Global Traveler: A Journey of Discovery and Adventure

My journey started back in august 2021. It was a full moon night and my really good friend messaged me he’s like do you want to travel the world and i was like yeah but he’s like there’s a catch, and i was like, what’s that he’s like you, have to travel the world on bitcoin And i’m like yeah sure like, but what is bitcoin he’s like i’m giving you a book, read it and he gave me the book called the bitcoin standard. As you start reading the book, the first 30 pages they’re enough for any person to just flip. Like, oh, my god like this is happening like this is literally happening around the world, and this is how it’s all started: [, Music, ]. Also in the book. They told me about this wonderful, lady, british traveler. Her name is nelly plai and it was 1878.. She circumnavigated the globe by using pounds which was a new currency back then, and gold coins and she did it, and i was like this – is 20 21.I will travel the world by using bitcoin.I am born in india, but raised up in oman.

Around the world on BTC only | Crypto Stories Ep. 13


Former Airport Manager Takes Four-Year Sabbatical to Travel the World on a Budget and Discover the Importance of Proof of Work

I was managing the royal airport and i was getting a very handsome. Salary. Life was pretty good right, but then just again i was just a 24 year old kid and i was like there’s so much more and i started having travelers in my house. No money. Just cultural exchange i was like wow. This is crazy.I was like i want to try it for myself and i went on to travel to europe and i really loved it.I came back and i quit my job.I was supposed to take a one year. Sabbatical but it turned out to be four years.I hitchhiked all the way from united states to chile, and i was doing very small jobs from being an english teacher being a volunteer in hostels.A dishwasher dumpster, diving selling peanuts in peru writing people’s name in hindi. In chile, and then i became a waiter for four months. My friend had just gifted me, gopro and covet hit, and i just started vlogging, and he gave me this book the bitcoin standard and that’s what i understood. Something important in life is proof of work.

Man travels around the world on Bitcoin, promoting connectivity and hosting meetups in every city.

You work, you get rewarded, it’s practically karma. What goes around comes back around my dad is literally 65. He doesn’t believe in it he’s like it’s, your life and you’re going to live it. So go ahead! Good luck!I have enough money to take care of me and your mother, you believe bitcoin is a thing, go for it. When my journey started.I had zero donors, i sold my furniture got 200 of bitcoin and as soon as i started on day, one the first bitcoin meetup we had in bengaluru one guy, came and gave me two hundred dollars of bitcoin the day. Five somebody gave me three hundred dollars, then ten dollars and fifty dollars, and so on so forth. It’S going on my plan is to to 40 countries in 400 days, but as soon as my journey started in november december, we had this new kovit that came in and the plans got really slow.I have done so far. Eight countries and the purpose of this journey right now in africa is to get everybody connected. You know i host bitcoin meetups in every city that i go down to.

African Bitcoin Adoption Vital for Economic Stability Amidst Falling Currencies

I have found a restaurant here, a bar a massage place.I feel african needs bitcoin more than anyone else in the world. Like you just know, sri lanka just crashed down nigeria. You can just move almost 20 dollars per month. All these countries are done and what’s going to save them is u.s dollar or is it going to be the cbdc? This world is being run by people? It’S just like a public dance. You know when you do a puppet dance with those two hands. You can do it for like half an hour one hour two hours, but after that your hands start painting and the puppets start falling down, and this is what’s happening around in the world. All the currencies are falling down. The countries are falling down. It’s a big blow, it’s happening fix the money fix the world, it’s just like a universe, you know, there’s a sun and then there are nine planets. One will be the store of value and hyperbitcoinization is moving forward.

Crypto enthusiast plans to live off Bitcoin for life, believes altcoins will be backed by BTC.

All these cryptocurrencies that are in the system are utility and they are down to solve something. You know they all will be backed by the bitcoin and, yes, definitely i will be living off bitcoin for the rest of my life. Come on guys like we’re almost there. It’S been about six months now, day 194.I will definitely do that. [, Music, ]


Bitcoin Travel The World


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