Month: December 2017


How to buy bitcoin, Buying your first bitcoins

​As bitcoin continues to gain popularity, there still remains one of biggest hurdles for adoption from the early days – Buying your first bitcoins. Since becoming more mainstream, services have popped up all over the place giving the average Joe more and more of a reason to try out bitcoin, even if it is just to satisfy one’s own curiosity. In the next few sections we will cover how to choose a bitcoin wallet, how to buy bitcoin online, and how to buy bitcoin locally.

1535187470 maxresdefault Gary Cohn on Tax Reform Payrolls Report and Bitcoin

Gary Cohn on Tax Reform, Payrolls Report and Bitcoin

Dec.08 — U.S. National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn discusses tax reform, the November payrolls report and Bitcoin. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Jonathan Ferro on “Bloomberg Markets: The Open.” Video transcript Guerry decent jobs numbers once again I think the obsession on the street at the moment not the jobsRead More

1535187487 maxresdefault Bill Gross on Bitcoin Yield Curve Rate Hikes Fed

Bill Gross on Bitcoin, Yield Curve, Rate Hikes, Fed

Dec.07 — Bill Gross, fund manager at Janus Henderson, discusses the bitcoin surge’s effect on bond prices, the yield curve, rate hikes, and the Fed on “Bloomberg Markets.” Video Transcript In looking at your latest monthly investment outlook you say be careful in 2018, and one area that certainly requiresRead More

Naval Ravikant Bitcoin Solves Money Problems Is Not Difficult At All

Bitcoin Solves Money Problems Is Not Difficult At All

Bitcoin’s eye-popping price moves have a few observers saying the marketplace is in bubble territory.