Bill Gross on Bitcoin, Yield Curve, Rate Hikes, Fed

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Dec.07 -- Bill Gross, fund manager at Janus Henderson, discusses the bitcoin surge's effect on bond prices, the yield curve, rate hikes and the Fed on "Bloomberg Markets."


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38 Thoughts to “Bill Gross on Bitcoin, Yield Curve, Rate Hikes, Fed”

  1. this dude is super ignorant about bitcoin.

  2. He really is. Bitcoin is divisible up to 8 decimal places. Point about not being able to buy groceries highly ignorant.

  3. Rule of thumb. Don't take bitcoin advice from people who sound like they're going to die soon

  4. Always fun to listen to the next “financial expert” expose their ignorance to cryptocurrencies. Perhaps not ignorance but willful bias…likely both.

  5. Well i guess i will just have to use that 1 bitcoin to buy the grocery store one day.

  6. Professor, we have to go back and buy some bitcoins.

  7. This guy obviously doesnt understand that there are 100 million satoshi in each bitcoin…. I will never understand why news people have people come on their show that have no idea what they are talking about.

  8. this dude needs to do his homework…bitcoin is a paradigm shift…not a “bubble”.

  9. If Bloomberg didn't like Bitcoin they wouldn't talk about it so much. Central Banks AI created blockchain.

  10. I think you have it wrong here. Bill gross, a legendary bod fund manager, is actually endorsing the concept of bitcoin. He says the central banking manipulation of credit it was spurred along and supports bitcoin. He is correct that you will not buy your groceries in bitcoin just like you won't buy your groceries in gold. Because they are not priced in Bitcoin! Listen to this man he has a better handle on the state of macro money terms then any paid per click youtuber does. No he is not going to tell you that the nest hot alt coin to buy or to tell you to hodl. But he does cleary state that the world financial system is in a very dangerous place and people are looking for a better a store of value then fiat. Google Bill gross Pimco. Dude managed trillions of $'s in bond funds. I think he understands a little about government debt yo.

  11. clearly he doesn't know what one satoshi is

  12. All respect to Bill Gross for his knowledge on bonds etc. But why must he comment on Bitcoin/blockchain, which he clearly knows little about? Bloomberg and other news outlets please bring on Bitcoin/Ethereum…/blockchain people who knows what they are talking about, and also please don't bring on journalists who thought it was fun to study Bitcoins for 10 mins and then have them make the usual boring and false comparison to the Tulip mania.

  13. Omg what a tool. Bitcoin works to the 8 decimal point. That would make 0.00000001 BTC at today’s price worth $0.0002 US (9/12/17). OFCOURSE is is divisible. They just need to get the fees down

  14. The statement about groceries (1:25) is so ignorant that it’s clearly intentional. Bill Gross is one smart guy. He knows what he said is BS, and in that moment he exposes his agenda.

  15. My God what an idiot. Has absolutely no idea what Bitcoin and the proof of concept platform of Crypto Currency even is! It's unbelievable! Why is he even talking on the subject? Nice Beetlejuice haircut by the way.

  16. This man said try buying food with a coin (BTC) that is worth 16,000 as if you cannot use 1 one millionth of that coin otherwise known as a satoshi or do an atomic swap and use litecoin.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The msm is so entertaining, the ignorance is truly enormous.

  17. You can buy a fraction of Bitcoin!! Jezz idiot it’s a store of value similar to gold it’s gold 2.0 and if you want you can buy stuff with it.

  18. This guy is a dip shit with a bad haircut

  19. What a smart man. Hey I think xrp ripple is a better option for grocery shopping from another country.

  20. Bloonberg agenda bullshit. Pass

  21. This has guy total misrepresented some major facts. Bitcoin is divisible into .000000001 portions of a single bitcoin this guy missing some major facts.

  22. If this whole crypto thing has shown something is how this "experts" have no problem keeping a straight face while not knowing jackshit.
    Gross is THE bond man. what on earth is he doing spreading bs based on what he thinks he know to the unwashed masses?!

  23. Gross tells the truth — only 21 million Bitcoins, but doesn't tell the WHOLE truth — about the Satoshis. Typical deception without telling outright lies!

  24. well, he was right in the sense that right after this interview, Bitcoin cratered and lost 50% of it's price.

  25. Bitcoin is global insurance, digital gold against fed dollar debt bubble.

  26. Bitcoin is as dangerous as drunk drivers

  27. These kind of shallow interviews of ignorant guests are an embarrassement for the Bloomberg brand.

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