Bill Gross on Bitcoin, Yield Curve, Rate Hikes, Fed

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Dec.07 — Bill Gross, fund manager at Janus Henderson, discusses the bitcoin surge’s effect on bond prices, the yield curve, rate hikes, and the Fed on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Analyzing Bill Gross’s Views on Bitcoin, Yield Curve, Rate Hikes, and the Fed


Bill Gross, a renowned investor, and co-founder of PIMCO, has long been recognized for his insights into the global financial markets. His opinions on topics ranging from traditional investments to emerging technologies carry weight and influence. In this article, we delve into Bill Gross’s perspectives on Bitcoin, the yield curve, interest rate hikes, and the role of the Federal Reserve (Fed) in shaping the economic landscape.

Bitcoin: A New Investment Frontier

Bill Gross’s stance on Bitcoin has evolved over time. Initially, he was critical of the cryptocurrency, questioning its intrinsic value and comparing it to a “mania.” However, as the cryptocurrency market gained momentum and institutional interest increased, Gross began to acknowledge Bitcoin’s role as a store of value and digital gold. He highlighted that, while Bitcoin may not be a traditional investment, it has managed to carve out a unique space in the financial ecosystem.

Yield Curve Dynamics

The yield curve, which represents the relationship between interest rates and the time to maturity of debt securities, has been a subject of interest for Gross. In the past, he warned about the potential risks associated with an inverted yield curve, where short-term interest rates exceed long-term rates. An inverted yield curve is often seen as a recession indicator. Gross’s insights emphasize the significance of monitoring yield curve dynamics as a tool for gauging economic health and potential market shifts.

Interest Rate Hikes and the Fed’s Role

Bill Gross has closely followed the Federal Reserve’s decisions on interest rates. He has expressed concerns about the impact of aggressive rate hikes on the economy and financial markets. Gross believes that gradual rate adjustments are preferable to abrupt increases that could disrupt market stability. His viewpoints underscore the need for central banks, particularly the Fed, to carefully balance economic growth with interest rate normalization to avoid unintended consequences.

Fed’s Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Implications

Gross has been vocal about his thoughts on the Fed’s monetary policy actions. He has criticized the prolonged period of ultra-low interest rates, suggesting that it may lead to asset bubbles and distortions in financial markets. He believes that central banks’ role in supporting economic growth should be complemented with a focus on prudent financial management to prevent market imbalances.


Bill Gross’s insights into Bitcoin, the yield curve, interest rate hikes, and the Federal Reserve’s role offer valuable perspectives for investors, policymakers, and financial professionals. His journey from skepticism to recognition of Bitcoin’s significance showcases the evolving nature of the financial landscape. His emphasis on the importance of prudent monetary policy and cautious rate adjustments reflects his deep understanding of economic dynamics and the potential implications for markets.

As an influential figure in the world of finance, Bill Gross’s analyses continue to contribute to discussions on how emerging technologies, market indicators, and central bank decisions shape the global economy. Whether his views align with consensus or diverge from prevailing opinions, his insights underscore the importance of critical thinking and thorough analysis when navigating the complex world of investments and economic trends.


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  1. Alrachid says:

    This guy obviously doesnt understand that there are 100 million satoshi in each bitcoin…. I will never understand why news people have people come on their show that have no idea what they are talking about.

  2. DAMON Anderson says:

    I think you have it wrong here. Bill gross, a legendary bod fund manager, is actually endorsing the concept of bitcoin. He says the central banking manipulation of credit it was spurred along and supports bitcoin. He is correct that you will not buy your groceries in bitcoin just like you won't buy your groceries in gold. Because they are not priced in Bitcoin! Listen to this man he has a better handle on the state of macro money terms then any paid per click youtuber does. No he is not going to tell you that the nest hot alt coin to buy or to tell you to hodl. But he does cleary state that the world financial system is in a very dangerous place and people are looking for a better a store of value then fiat. Google Bill gross Pimco. Dude managed trillions of $'s in bond funds. I think he understands a little about government debt yo.

  3. Skeptoptimist says:

    All respect to Bill Gross for his knowledge on bonds etc. But why must he comment on Bitcoin/blockchain, which he clearly knows little about? Bloomberg and other news outlets please bring on Bitcoin/Ethereum…/blockchain people who knows what they are talking about, and also please don't bring on journalists who thought it was fun to study Bitcoins for 10 mins and then have them make the usual boring and false comparison to the Tulip mania.

  4. Dominic Merlo says:

    My God what an idiot. Has absolutely no idea what Bitcoin and the proof of concept platform of Crypto Currency even is! It's unbelievable! Why is he even talking on the subject? Nice Beetlejuice haircut by the way.

  5. Eric Helfrich says:

    This man said try buying food with a coin (BTC) that is worth 16,000 as if you cannot use 1 one millionth of that coin otherwise known as a satoshi or do an atomic swap and use litecoin.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The msm is so entertaining, the ignorance is truly enormous.

  6. Humberto Valdivieso says:

    If this whole crypto thing has shown something is how this "experts" have no problem keeping a straight face while not knowing jackshit.
    Gross is THE bond man. what on earth is he doing spreading bs based on what he thinks he know to the unwashed masses?!

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