Virtual Reality Workplace Tours: Active Industrial Solutions

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Explore the World-Class Mold Maker: Active Industrial Solutions and AIS Technologies Group in VR Tour

Welcome to the VR tour of AIS Technologies Group and our parent company Active Industrial Solutions. We are a world-class mold maker with over 40 years of history. In the Windsor area, We employ skilled tradespeople and designers to produce molds for automotive plastics manufacturing, such as headlamps and bumpers. Today we will start off in the mold division of Active Industrial Solutions. Then we will walk over to the AIS Technologies Group, where we will learn about what it takes to build automation, systems and design vision. Solutions.

Hello. My name is Joshua Cassidy and I am a CNC Machinist at Active Industrial Solutions. Being a CNC. Machinist has been a great experience for me. I remember working at other shops as a General Laborer, and I would see these machines running. “I would think to myself.

Virtual Reality Workplace Tours: Active Industrial Solutions


Meet the Team at AIS: Mold Makers, Machine Builders, and Innovative Technology Experts

I want to do that ,” and that’s when I decided to start my career at AIS Every day I use innovative technology, automation and robotics to schedule and produce high-quality products to take this long list of production items plan them out, execute those plans and eventually deliver That product is amazing If something isn’t going as planned. I work with a team to solve problems. It’s that team culture that makes AIS and this trade unique compared to some of the others out there.

Hi. My name is Mike Osborne and I’m a Mold Maker here at AIS Being a Mold Maker.I had never thought of it before, but I enjoy working with my hands. It’s one of my favorite things, So it was an easy decision for me to start my apprenticeship at AIS. They hired me with very little experience but they’ve, provided me with everything I need to succeed in my career.

Hello. My name is Scott Lewis.I am a Machine Builder with AIS Technologies Group Within our company.

Experience the Future of Manufacturing with AIS Technologies Group’s Automated Machines and Skilled Apprentices

We design and build automated machines for many different manufacturing applications. I work alongside a highly skilled team of individuals to make this happen. I am a second-year apprentice in the Industrial Mechanic Millwright program at St. Clair College in Windsor. The Millwright program teaches you about many different things, such as pneumatics, hydraulics and machining. This program at St. Clair appeals to individuals who have a mechanical aptitude and enjoy hands-on work where they can utilize these skills within the automation industry. Today, you can see many different processes of automated machines, such as electrical panels, robotics and vision systems. Behind me is a machine we designed and built. It is called a punch and weld station and it automates a portion of the vehicle assembly process.

Hello. My name is Ahmad Shawky and I’m the Lead Vision Specialist here at AIS Technologies Group.

Master’s degree engineer shares passion for state-of-the-art technologies in custom manufacturing solutions

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and I’ve been working at this company for about 10 years. The thing I like about my job is that we get to play with the newest and state-of-the-art technologies on a day-to-day basis. Here in the Vision team, we develop custom solutions to manufacturing problems that require a combination of cameras, computers and software that we make in-house. The thing that I like the most about my job is that it requires not only a combination of math and sciences, but also the arts, and that really seals it for me. Thank you for joining Active Industrial Solutions and the AIS Technologies Group. Our success is due to our employees, everyone from sales to designers and from builders to programmers.

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