Meet Erica, Your Financial Digital Assistant From Bank of America

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Erica helps to simplify the banks’ everyday lives. Erica makes investments. The assistant can get quotes from the mobile banking app, track results, complete transactions, and contact advisors. Applies only to applicable investment accounts. Browse our

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Erica? Erica is our virtual financial assistant, ready to answer your questions, help you master your financial situation, and make your bank’s everyday life easier.

How do I use Erica? Erica is in the mobile app. To start a conversation, log in and tap the Erica icon. You can chat with Erica via voice using your phone’s microphone or just on-screen without microphone interaction. Whether you talk or write is entirely up to you. To interact with the voice, just tap the microphone icon in the chat window and Erica will start listening (you know the icon is pulsing). To mute the microphone, just tap the microphone icon.’

How can Erica help me? Erica can give you the following help: Get account balance and information, pay bills, send and receive money, help you find what you need in the app. How does Erica work? Erica uses the latest technology in advanced analytics and cognitive messaging to act as your trusted financial assistant. Erica can consider a range of US banking information, such as your cash flow, balance sheet, transaction history, and upcoming bills, to help you keep track of your finances.

Do I need a mobile banking app to use Erica?

Yes, now the assistant is only available in the mobile banking app (app version 7.6 and later). Download the app now to get started! Erica also plans to be available in the online bank.

Will I see transactions made by Erica for me?  You will receive the same confirmation of the transaction made in the mobile app today. You can also check all transactions in the mobile app and online banking.

How does Erica learn and improve (future features)? The assistant has learned from the conversations with you and other Bank of America customers and has a dedicated team that is constantly working to expand the opportunities offered.

What language does Erica speak?  The assistant currently offers only English but is expected to learn Spanish.

Is my conversation with Erica recorded? Yes, we will record your conversations with Erica to ensure quality, accurately record your inquiries, look for opportunities to make Erica’s responses more useful, and ensure that Erica’s performance is optimal. When you talk to Erica by voice, the recording will be saved for 90 days so that it can be analyzed to improve your listening ability.  No, you need to verify with the app to use Erica.

Is Erica safe and private? Yes. Your interactions with Erica are protected by the same industry-leading privacy and security features as mobile apps and online banking.

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With Erica, you can more easily see your Ericainsights catalog in your daily life. Show all personal, proactive insight and guidance. See more ways that Erica can help simplify the banks’ everyday lives. Erica makes investments. Erica can get quotes from mobile banking apps, track results, complete transactions * and contact consultants. Applies only to applicable investment accounts. The assistant helps simplify the bank’s daily life, get account information, helps you access routing and account numbers.


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