Bitcoin Trading and Mining Made Easy by Dale Blake

Bitcoin Guide For Beginners: Bitcoin Trading and Mining Made Easy by Dale Blake
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I am Jeremy this is the financial education Channel and today we're talking bitcoin for beginners. This is this is something I've paid attention to for quite a while but I've never really like understood crypto currency never really understood Bitcoin, so about last week I was like you know what I'm done with this, I'm going to research for like a week about Bitcoin about crypto currencies and really understand these and at least to the point where I understand the basics.

Bitcoin Guide For Beginners

I'm going to share with you the most basic things you've got to know about Bitcoin know about these cryptocurrencies so you can at least understand it and what's actually pushed me is so many who has in the comments section of them asked about Bitcoin.
Let's get into it number one you got to understand what a cryptocurrency is first off a cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that can be exchanged between people or businesses that accept them Bitcoin. In what's called either is the other biggest cryptocurrency out there Bitcoin being kind of the main one now.

Anybody that has Bitcoin you can basically set up a Bitcoin account if you want, it's not like a need to be a special person from a special you know country or something to set this up anybody, that's willing to accept bitcoins you can pay them in Bitcoin...

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