SEC Begins Investigation of UST

The most recent crash of Terra was one of the most significant cryptocurrency catastrophes in history, taking out billions of dollars in value (approximately $45billion). The downfall of UST, which happened majorly between May 7- May 10, sent tremors through the cryptocurrency markets.  Janet Yellen (an American economist serving as the 78th United States secretary […]

Little Known Ways To Bitcoin Credit Card

Bitcoin is a protocol and also the name of the token and the unit in which accounts are denominated. “BTC”, “XBT”, or “bitcoin” refers to the unit and the protocol and its associated ecosystem, and is used interchangeably with “Bitcoin”. Bitcoin uses public-key cryptography to ensure that Bitcoins cannot be double-spent. The network is peer-to-peer, […]

How the US election may impact Bitcoin price

With Joe Biden poised to be the next president of the United States, Cointelegraph Consulting reflects on how traditional assets have responded to the election of a Democratic candidate. Historically, Democrats have been bullish for gold, as the common perception is that more unbacked money gets printed under Democratic leadership, further debasing the dollar. In […]

The WordPress Crypto Exchange Plugin For Better And Faster WordPress

Tim Draper-has launched a WordPress plugin to facilitate cryptocurrency trade characteristics to any website. Dubbed WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange, the plugin can be installed on any website running on WordPress management system (CMS), assign the addition of crypto trading features or even creating an entire bargain. The most diverse audience to date, where Finance meets Innovation […]