Mine 70 Different Crypto Coins Using Any Common Powered USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 Crypto Coin Mining Hub allows simultaneous mining of 70 cryptocurrencies via common powered USB 3.0 ports. Its compact design ensures easy integration and stable power delivery for efficient and hassle-free mining, maximizing earnings across diverse digital currencies.



You may have seen usb miners around the internet. Don’t be fooled by fakes. Most usb miners you find are regular Usb 3.0 flash drives and use allot of your cpu or gpu to mine crypto currency. Your not going to get rich by all means unless your extremely lucky,solo mine, and some how manage to solve a block by yourself.  I’m offering all the software, files needed, and quick setup guides that will turn any usb3.0 flash drive into a crypto miner up to 300gh/s.  Setup takes minutes just download file package copy to usb 3.0 wanting to use, plug into (POWERED) MUST BE POWERED USB 3.0 hub or you’ll just be using your cpu. Open quick setup guide, with in 5 minutes mining up to 70 difference crypto currencies.  After payment you must send me email address or I’ll send in message to buyer a link to download files. This is NOT a physical product. This software and settings you add to a Powered USB 3.0 (not included) (Temu sells the cheapest) yourself. Directions are very easy. You need your own wallet for each currency you want  to mine.  I suggest trust wallet or atomic wallet. AGAIN YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE PHYSICALL PRODUCT. SEMD EMAIL AFTER PAYMENT IN MESSAGE OR ADD TO NOTES. YOU WILL RECIEVE YOUR ORDER WITHIN 1 TO 8 HOURS DEPENDING ON TIME OF DAY ORDERED. IF REASONABLE TIME MOST ORDERS SENT WITHIIN MINUTES. AGAIN NOT PHYSICAL PRODUCT YOU CAN ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS BEFOR YOU BUY PLEASE. GUAREENTEED HAVING YOU MALING YOUR OWN USB MINERS FOR PERSONAL USE OR TO RESALE..THESE FILES AMD SIMPLE SETUP INSTRUCTIONS CAN BE USED INFINITE TIMES. Use local pickup to save on shipping.  I mean it’s email delivered right. Free gifts for positive reviews. If you have any issues or questions bout product don’t add bad review just message me preferably befor buy I’ll answer you fast as I can. You won’t be disappointed.  If you already bought need further instructions send me a message I’ll do my best to walk you through your issues.  Thank you.

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