Ledger Nano Case, Ledger Nano X Capsule, Ledger Nano S Storage Case, Protective

Protect your cryptocurrency investment with our Ledger Nano Case collection. The Ledger Nano X Capsule and Ledger Nano S Storage Case provide superior protection for your Ledger Nano hardware wallets. Crafted with ability to last in mind, these cases shield your assets from physical damage and potential security threats.

The Ledger Nano X Capsule offers a sleek, compact design with a soft interior that supports your Nano X, while the Ledger Nano S Storage Case provides a snug fit for your Nano S, making sure they stay secure on the go. With these protective cases, you can have peace of mind knowing your digital assets are stored safely. Elevate your crypto security game with our Ledger Nano Case collection.


*The original and the best – We’ve been selling these capsules since early 2021, whilst all the copycats caught on and attempted to follow suit with cheap, sub quality copies*


We source high quality steel and aluminium products to create fire, water and impact resistant storage devices; ensuring your seed phrases and cold-wallets are secure for life.


Ledgers are fantastic for protecting your crypto and NFTs from digital theft; however the device itself can be easily dropped, crushed or broken.


These metal cases are suitable for either Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S, and will protect your nano from most unexpected accidents.

Yes – that is me holding my ledger over a fire, fully protected in the same case that I still use to this day.

Importantly, these capsules are made from rust-free metals, and utilise a rubber seal; ensuring the case itself will not oxidise or rust over time.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to protecting and securing your investments!

The case has ample room for the Ledger by itself, or with the lanyard, sitting snug against a foam insert.

Please check out our other listings for our easy to use Mnemonic Seed Key/Seed Phrase Recovery Kits, to ensure your seed words aren’t lost or damaged on on fragile paper copies.

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