GekkoScience Compac F (Single BM1397) USB Stickminer (200 GH!) – THE FARRARI

GekkoScience Compac F (Single BM1397) USB Stickminer (200 GH!) – THE FARRARI

GekkoScience Compac F BM1397 Stickminer. The F stands for FERRARI!

Features the Bitmain BM1397 chip. Yes, BM1397 chip, the same as the S17

The units are capable of running at 200GH, and it’s theoretically possible to overclock to 350GH but this will require a strong hub and and advanced custom cooling setup. All units are tested at 150GH before shipping and run for a full hour before being labeled and packaged.

These units function though a modified cgminer, which gives you command-line frequency control to adjust the hashrate.

The new GekkoScience CGMiner is able to detect and recover from the same kind of issues which would have caused a “ZOMBIE” condition on the old 2Pac units, meaning increased reliability and less attention to maintain long-term operation. The stick is dimensionally identical to the 2Pac, so any custom hardware designed for one will work for the other. And of course it’s got BLINKY LIGHTS now showing that it is mining.

This is not an entry level miner, this is for tweakers and hardware hackers. This stick is ment to be overclocked.

As more info is available, more will be posted.



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