OKX World Cup NFT Tournament.

Exciting New Competition: The OKX World Cup NFT Tournament

OKX, the world’s leading provider of mobile and online gaming services, is proud to announce that it will be introducing the new World Cup Non-Fiction Text Scoring (NFTS) game this summer.

For those not familiar with NFTS, a player will be asked to select one or more correct answers from a list of four possible choices. The answers are drawn from factual information, such as historical dates, names of leaders and so on.

To add an element of fun and excitement to this game, each correct answer will earn the player points based on how easy it was to find the correct answer in the list—the longer the player takes to select an answer in a list of four potential choices, the higher the points earned.

The points will determine which countries make it through to the next round of play.

OKX wants its players to have a chance at winning some serious cash prizes so it has invested heavily in making this a truly global game. To do this OKX has acquired all rights for World Cup coverage for every country on earth. This means that every player in every country can play for their own national team and earn points based on how well their team does in each match.

A key appeal for players is that anyone can

You’ve probably already seen a lot of advertisements for the FIFA World Cup. It’s a huge sporting event that takes place every four years, and this year it’s in Russia. But you might not know that OKX has also introduced an exciting new competition: the OKX World Cup NFT Tournament.

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