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Founded in 2015, Ethereum is one of the most world-leading cryptocurrency on the market today. Ethereum, which is also shortened to ETH, is digital money such as Bitcoin. This is a digital currency that you can send to anyone around the world as long as they have an wallet which can be obtained as easily as possible via an exchange. It is a cryptocurrency that is not governed by any government. Ethereum is programmable therefore developers can use it to build apps.

Wallet for Better and Faster Ethereum Provider

My Ether wallet

This is a completely free service to use to store your cryptocurrency. It has an interface that allows you to integrate with the blockchain network.It is easy to use the platform which has an open-source that allows you to generate an Ether wallet. According to their website, they should have a secure system and very innovative ways to manage ERC20 tokens.


It is a website where you store Ethereum by setting up an account quickly. Use their browser extension, and as a mobile app get access to various features such as key vault, secure login, and token wallet manage your digital assets in a smart way. Then you can explore blockchain-based apps. Own all your data, have access to your passwords and choose what to keep private.


To know more about digital currency visit ethereum there is helpful information, a list of the websites on how to best handle Ethereum wallets, and how to store cryptocurrency and guide their visitors to websites like ethhub where you get an insight Intro to Ethereum Wallets. A simple and easy to read website.

Ethereum Wallets for Beginners AND Experts

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When it comes to wallet creation on MEW or my ether wallet there are different options available for example you can access your Ethereum address associated with your hardware wallet by plugging in your hardware wallet and following the prompt. It’s very straightforward now if you’re wondering why anyone would want to do this? it allows you to do things like conduct more advanced transactions make swaps purchase, domains and other things as well without having to move your coins from your Hardware wallet. Now MEW considers this a safer option than what I’ll be showing you today… Watch the video for more.

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