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What Is Virtual Reality Meta?

The Meta is a virtual reality helmet that allows its wearer to be completely immersed in the VR world. There are many different types of VR headsets currently on the market, but none offer the same level of immersion as the Meta. For example, a user can look down and see their own body standing in the real world (as long as the camera is placed in front of them), and they can walk around without losing sight of their avatar’s body. The headset also has a wide viewing angle, which provides users with a bigger field of view than other headsets on the market.

The Meta’s most impressive feature is its positional tracking system, which uses LED markers on the headset to track its wearer’s location in 3D space. This system allows for full-body movement and gives users the ability to walk around with their entire body being represented on screen—it even lets them crouch down or lean forward if they so desire. This feature is unique to the Meta, as no other headset offers full-body tracking.

The design of this headset is fairly basic: it has straps that go over the ears and a padded front that rests against your face when you wear it. The inside of this headset is lined with foam that molds to your face for a custom fit,

No matter how you define it, virtual reality is a part of Meta. We’ve built the Meta software platform to be open and modular in order to accommodate the many different types of VR experiences that are being created. The first module we added was the ability to display 2D 360 video, which opened up the platform to filmmakers looking to create interactive VR experiences.

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