What Happened With TravelBlock? (TRVL ICO Update – 2 Years Later)

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This is a story on how everybody lost money. We all thought we could win at the beginning. And maybe we could’ve. If we did it a few months earlier, without the feeling of a rush… but just fully prepared, 3-4 months prior. Maybe my 5% equity would’ve been worth $200,000 instead of $5,000 ultimately. This is a story on greed. So… I’ve been out of contact with the team and my best guess is they didn’t profit. I have no to way to know, but judging my time of departure and the markets getting EVEN worse than they were, I doubt much more investment came in.

I don’t think anybody was prepared for how quickly it all came tumbling down. Within weeks the main cracks did their damage. In months there was nothing left to salvage. And 2 years later, many of us still feel the wounds.

I’m happy I learned a lot with TravelBlock, but I’m saddened it failed. It had a good platform, I really did believe it could change the travel industry… we had the right influencers on board, the marketing was good.. but it was too little, too late. Before we were able to launch, Bitcoin fell from its high. The Miami bitcoin conference was the last time everyone was really happy and partying in the crypto world. Come February there was mayhem. By March it was BAD. April? Even worse.

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