How To Buy Bitcoin In Africa?

If you are looking for a way to buy Bitcoin in Africa, then this is the article for you. 

Bitcoin from Paxful for more than a year now, and it is by far my favourite way to meet my trading needs.

And I have used Paxful to buy Bitcoin from all over the world: Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. If you meet the criteria mentioned below, there is no need for you to look anywhere else.

Maybe you are into arbitrage trading or maybe you want to invest some of your hard earned money in cryptocurrency.

You could be looking to pay with Bitcoin instead of credit cards online or maybe you want to start accepting it as payments on your website.

There are many reasons why one might want to buy Bitcoin in Africa, but only one place can make it possible.

Paxful makes it easy and convenient.

With Paxful, anyone can buy or sell Bitcoins in exchange for local currency or another cryptocurrency like Ethereum without having to verify their identity.

It is fast, secure and easy. And unlike other services that require cumbersome sign-ups and deposits,

you can use Paxful right away to find someone willing to trade Bitcoins instantly in Nigeria. There are several ways for Africans to get Bitcoin.

The first option is to buy it from an online exchange. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges that have been in operation for over a year.

These include Luno, NairaEx and others. Before you can use any of these exchanges, you will be required to register and verify your account.

This is not necessarily a hard process; it involves providing the required details to the exchange,

which then performs a verification process, including sending an SMS confirmation and doing a phone call verification.