VR 360 Russia’s wilderness oka state natural biosphere reserve

inside city walls we don’t usually think about how nature works, let’s go on a journey around the incredible places of Russia.

in just one day we’ll see them closer than ever before and we’ll remind ourselves how unique diverse and organic life here is where people protect nature Russia’s wilderness in a deep forest among black swaps.

Science serves as a nature keeper the Orca River floodplain hides a place unique in its diversity from urban hustle and bustle.

Mushara millions of creatures have lived side by side since time began their world was unique and mysterious until the human appeared the last descendant of mammoths lives in the woods of mushaira.Locomotive 60539 1280 551x365 VR 360 Russia s wilderness oka state natural biosphere reserve

This rare animal has learned to hide among the trees despite its huge size we’re flying over the oka Nature Reserve here in the European Tiger.

Specialists are engaged in recruiting the population of these ancient forest Giants any ancient author could only have wished to feel the spirit of adventure you are about to experience a trip 5 million years back and the greatest game of all time the first bison appeared åt….

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