Venezuela Is Launching Its Very Own Cryptocurrency | CNBC

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"Petro" will be backed by oil, gas and diamonds.
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Venezuela Is Launching Its Very Own Cryptocurrency | CNBC


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  • pinit_fg_en_rect_gray_20 Venezuela Is Launching Its Very Own Cryptocurrency | CNBC
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27 Thoughts to “Venezuela Is Launching Its Very Own Cryptocurrency | CNBC”

  1. Lmao don’t buy that now. This news is too late. Already got pumped and dumped

  2. you're not bi couple of your neighbor

    , y'all recognize the face of Donald Trump

    you recognize the face Brock Obama

    how about everybody recognize and they self

    we all look good president

  3. Shake n' bake? nah
    pump n' dump

  4. Leftist policies at its finest moment

  5. Electricity is free, but people can be arrested for using it too much. LOL.
    Welcome to Socialist Utopia.

  6. Oh really Maduro? What will the Venezuelans mine these Petros with? The electricity you arrest people for using?

  7. If the country has such large reserves of oil, gold, and diamonds, why doesn’t it simply back its currency to its oil, gold and diamond reserves?

  8. Why is CNBC going out of his way to make this documentary about Venezuela?

  9. Anyone know if its worth investing i to this crypto?

  10. Syria one of the richest countries in the middle east destroyed. Libya the richest country in Africa destroyed, Venezuela the richest country in South America destroyed. All the countries had an issue with the U.S. are we starting to see a pattern

  11. Way to Go! Abandon the dollar

  12. Sounds like we're gonna go to war again.

  13. Good for Venezuela. I want to buy Petro. Can any one advice me how to buy petro?

  14. Dude CNBC is so fake.. those testimonies are so fake… they are american people talking.. didn't even bother to fake some weird latino accent

  15. thats a fake venezuelan accent lol

  16. Cryptocurrency will destroyed easier than the terrible inflation on this time. Yeah!! it's a trap , how stupid maduro is????

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