BREAKING Foreign Firm Flagged By US Intelligence Got YOUR User Data For Horrifying Reason

BREAKING Foreign Firm Flagged By US Intelligence Got YOUR Facebook Data Analytics For Horrifying Reason

Welcome to top stories today foreign firm flag by US intelligence got your user data for horrifying reason Facebook user engagement has been in a freefall downward slide leaving the company scrambling to figure out new methods for boosting its user engagement since it came under fire for the Cambridge analytical scandal.

Facebook Data Analytics Two-factor authentication

Zero Hedge reported on Facebook’s recent dirty trick for trying to boost its easier engagement numbers using phone numbers provided for two-factor authentication to send users data.

Facebook texted spamladda ned

They could engage with but didn’t sign up for receiving by a text message they told the story of Gabriel Lewis who tweeted that Facebook texted spam to the phone number he submitted for the purposes of two-factor authentication and no he insists he did not have mobile notifications turned on.

Bombshell revelation

What’s more, when he replied stop and do not text me he says those messages showed up on his Facebook wall now in the latest bombshell revelation we find that Facebook has also provided unrestricted access to user data to at least four Chinese electronics companies including government link telecom giant.

60 major device

Who away these relationships were discovered and revealed as a part of a data sharing Partnership Program which included a minimum of 60 major device manufacturers, including but not limited to Apple Amazon blackberry Microsoft and Samsung.

Access to user data

This data sharing partnership allowed these companies to integrate various Facebook features into their operating systems thus giving them access to user data and that of the data of the user’s friends and family without their knowledge or consent of particular concern.

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The Chinese government

Is who away as lawmakers in Congress and top intelligence officials have previously raised red flags over whether or not the Chinese government might be able to demand access to data stored under the way devices or servers.

Naturally who can way denies any such claims yet the Pentagon chose to take definitive action and ban the sales of lousy smartphones on US military bases stemming from such concerns, according to the Washington Post Facebook data was only ever stored on hue servers only directly on devices wampum notes a spokesman for Huawei did not immediately respond to a request for comment Facebook.
Late Tuesday confirmed that it had worked with who away as well as three other Chinese firms Lenovo oppa and TCL

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