Understanding Bitcoin’s Surge And Its Use Around The World | CNBC

James Altucher, Formula Capital managing director, and Spencer Bogart, Blockchain Capital managing director, break down what drives the bitcoin demand, its use and projected earnings.
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Understanding Bitcoin's Surge And Its Use Around The World | CNBC


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27 Thoughts to “Understanding Bitcoin’s Surge And Its Use Around The World | CNBC”

  1. C R

    This project is amazing do your research!!!
    Going up steady today!!!


  2. Something that is based on pure speculation will not last.

  3. Yeah thank Obama for never presenting it the American People

  4. Need a bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin wallet? Try Coinbase. It's US based. Get $10 free once you buy or sell $100 of cryptocurrency.

  5. who else thought he said we need familiar rappers like Future to put Bitcoin into context?

  6. What I wanna know is .. When people are buying bitcoins they are paying for it with local currencies like the US$ .. where does that end up?! Does it go to the bitcoin exchanges, does it go to the mining companies .. where does it go?? The cost of handing out bitcoins to the intermediaries is the cost of people cashing out on bitcoins through the same intermediaries. When more and more bitcoins are being purchased, the intermediaries are laughing all the way to the traditional banks as they raking in the US$ profits. If this is not a ponzi scheme I do not know what is! On the other hand, government which prints money also pay for peoples' wages, infrasturcuture for society and social security. What does Bitcoin do for the world? Is Bitcoin going to pay me a pension or is Bitcoin going to give me medical treatment if I am sick like a government does? If this global currency is adopted and the role of governments diminished there will be nothing but anarchy in this world and we will all live like wild animals on this Godforsaken Earth!

  7. Kay

    The Bitcoin Community, which I am proud to be a part of, know more than CNBC now. Its amazing.

  8. my bitcoin are missing……

  9. love how everyone talks about how many “$” they are making with bitcoin. If bitcoin is so good you wouldn’t want to be making dollars, you would just want to keep your bitcoin, and never ever exchange it for $. SMH 🙄

  10. Bitcoin under 40,000 is  bargain, IMO.  It shouldn't have any problem hitting 40 by the end of 2018 … probably sooner.

  11. All of these cats have no idea what they are talking about…..classic

  12. I’ve made 629% return on my bitcoin investment in the last two weeks using an automated trading program called BinBotPro. To share my success on bitcoin’s recent volatility, I’d like to extend the use of this program out to any interested investors. If you are interested, please message me with your bitcoin receiving address, as well as the date in which you would like your capital returned. Note, I will only be deducting the mining fee to send you your bitcoin from the total bitcoin you have made. All deposits must be made out to the following address: send your bitcoin to the following address: 18HtYHLymAaNZ8ZEDYgH2q2G4jNf72qB2Tv

  13. As far as my understanding of Bitcoin in relations to it being a bubble is this: If Bitcoin is a bubble, theoretically speaking, their would be no potential or business in which this currency could be of use. But, Bitcoin has already established it's legitimacy already on American soil and overseas. Their are online websites, brick and motor stores which accept Bitcoin people. And to my extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and financial research, There is so much potential for more businesses, and brick and motor stores to accept Bitcoin as a potential currency. If Amazon today started to accept Bitcoin for transactions, you might not think it could possibly be a bubble. And Amazon still to this day might potentially accept Bitcoin as currency in transactions so who really knows. I believe that if enough people put enough of their primary currency into Bitcoin, a universal currency, overtime, that we can have our first world-wide accepted currency. It's funny to think that we could exchange our USD, Euro's, and Yen for this universal, decentralized currency. The potential for everyone to use the same exact units of currency is great. This to me sounds a lot like one world, one nation to me. A start that is. Peace.
    Show less

  14. 1 bitcoin is not worth a brand new car. And five years from now, 1 bitcoin will not be worth a 100000 house. People who are paying this much for bitcoin are simply under a craze. If people don't sell their bitcoin for these high prices, then these people are much more greedy than any banker. Bitcoin is not a currency? Lol what is it? A nothing? Worth 1000000 ? Lol you better hope suckers keep buying

  15. James Altucher does not know what he is talking about when it comes to cryptocurrency tech. He say 95% of all alt coins are a scam which is totally false and something a bitcoin maximalist would say.
    Bitcoin does not solve the double spending problem or the privacy issues he claimed. Bitcoin can be double spent and the privacy is limited. Other similar coins out there like Dash (Digital Cash) does solve the double spend problem and has way better privacy than bitcoin. Dash in fact has double speed proof 1-3 second "instant transactions" whereas bitcoin takes 10 minutes or more for just one block confirmation. Dash also cost pennies to send and bitcoin cost up to $10-20 dollars plus.
    "Bitcoin cash" has all the same issues as bitcoin with the exception of larger blocks which provide cheaper transactions like Dash.
    Litecoin is a pretty boring copy coin with all the same issues as Bitcoin Cash and is not really needed anymore. It has been around since a few years after bitcoin was invented and that is pretty much all it has going for it.
    Neither one is a scam though, just flawed compared to other newer altcoins now available, they will probably be around for a while though.
    Stick to the top 10 coins and you will be ok, even most of the top 50 coins are ok but there are definitely a few scam coins and many coins with no long term future in there.

    This is not financial advice from an anonymous dude on the internet so don't listen to me.

  16. Man were these geeks so right. Only if I would have known how Satoshi Nakamoto's creation worked.

  17. The look on Spencer's face when McAfee is mentioned…

  18. What study did he quote that say 95% of altcoins are a scam?

  19. Stiglitz is a socialist kook- of course he wants to protect big gov't, which he profits from.

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