Understand What’s Next For Bitcoin Trading Options

Cohen first hit 1000 back in October of 2013 it took nearly 1300 days to reach 2000. That was just in May of this year and since then the cryptocurrency has absolutely taken off.

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Bitcoin Trading

143 days to go from two to five thousand forty-seven days to double again to ten thousand dollars and after hitting 10k last night last night for the first time, it took just over twelve hours to hit eleven K and now just a few hours to fall back below that level. What’s next for Bitcoin after a rollercoaster day.

Bob Pisani is here with a look at whether a Bitcoin ETF could now be on the horizon Bob and there’s a very good reason why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have blown up in the last couple of months, so what’s exciting investors is the expanding derivatives market for cryptocurrencies, which is adding some much-needed legitimacy.

last month for example ledger X an institutional trading and clearing platform began trading Bitcoin options that were a big step now the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Bitcoin trading options

The CBOE and now the Nasdaq they’re all set to roll out Bitcoin futures soon this is good news Bitcoin futures will enable traders to short Bitcoin that’s a welcome development here’s another piece of good news with the passage of time there are more platforms there are more participants there’s more maturity for cryptocurrencies here’s the issue


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