Travala Spend Crypto Get Rewards Travel and More!

Travala Spend Crypto Get Rewards. Crypto Payments For Travel and More!
The world is your oyster a phrase used by travelers across the globe traveling and seeing the world is something on everyone’s bucket list but what prevents people from experiencing the wonders of the world are the costs associated with getting there having a place to stay and eventually getting back home.

With th the arrival of the Internet and the online travel agency model, from companies like Expedia and Priceline.

Consumers were promised better prices convenience and a smoother experience than brick-and-mortar travel agencies this was true in the beginning over ten years ago but this is evolved into an oligopolistic market with nine of the top ten sites being owned by just two players booking Holdings, formerly Priceline.

group which owns Priceline calm booking calm and kayak calm and Expedia which of course owns Expedia calm but also hotels calm trivago Orbitz and Travelocity.

These agencies put on a good facade claiming they have the lowest prices around in the best selection but in reality your selection is limited.

Whoever pays the 15 to 35 percent Commission to the online travel agency making prices higher than they should be.

Consumers for the past 10 years have been shackled to this model and hotels and property owners have had no choice but to play ball, until now who is using the neo blockchain and the neo smart contracts to disrupt the online travel agency market is the next generation in travel and booking.


And will be a one-stop shop for all your travel needs with prices that reflect the actual costs no unnecessary middleman fees.

Chavala has had a working product since March of this year it can be found at www.viki with simple search for your destination find a hotel enter your details pay with chavala by sending travel tokens to the specified neo address and boom you are done.

This was just the beginning and the entire platform is evolving which will position them as the most utilized blockchain travel platform in existence,

step one in the evolution is expanding the reach of the platform by accepting more forms of payments and this is live right now formerly the payment method to use with travela tokens only which restricted the reach and use of the platform, as there is inherent barriers to entry.

Now the platform accepts of multiple payment methods including traditional fiat currencies like credit cards debit cards PayPal and other local options although with these few options you still get stuck with the standards 1% to 5% fee charged by the payment processor,

you can also pay with other crypto currencies 30 to be exact they included coins with large communities and sport of course neo and gas are accepted but also aetherium litecoin – eos stellar finance coin ripple and true USD to name a few.

These crypto payments, incur a standard point 5% to 1% fee of course you can use trevally tokens which is the most budget-conscious of the bunch zero fees what is interesting

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