Top 5 technology coming in 2019 Hologram Generator

Cutting-edge innovation technology shouldn’t be called an unreachable it should be fun and part of daily life this is e stars world first holographic smartphones. So how do we generate glass for holograms on smartphones?
When we’re looking at our smartphone the camera will quickly track our eye movement by tracking data is sent to our on chirp signal processing. it’s quickly processed by our eye tracking system which will lock on to where our eyes are looking.

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The hologram generator in 2019

This is very important our eye tracking system will adjust the hologram generator based on where your eyes are looking, and you’ll immediately see the holographic effect this is the world’s first holographic smartphone with our pioneering eye tracking technology an innovation dedicated to the smartphone application.

Process holographic data

We call this smart holographics you’ll find four cameras on our holographic phone a perfect air interface the dual lens camera on the back is not just for taking holographic images but more importantly it’s designed to collect and process holographic data, so what new user experience will such an innovative holographic smartphone bring us no more dizziness or narrow viewing angles.

3d a truly immersive way

When watching areas in 3d a truly immersive way to watch videos in 3d game playing becomes more fun and thrilling the distance is no longer a problem. Product displays for online shopping complex traffic systems become easy to navigate education is no longer boring but fun and lively anytime anywhere 3d scanning and printer well this is just the beginning East.
We’ll continue to create new technologies for holographic applications we make the impossible possible and create better lives

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