The Winklevoss Twins Take A Shot At Old People Who Don’t Get Bitcoin | CNBC

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Tyler Winklevoss says the older generation of the financial community doesn’t understand the future of money.
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The Winklevoss Twins Take A Shot At Old People Who Don’t Get Bitcoin | CNBC


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  • pinit_fg_en_rect_gray_20 The Winklevoss Twins Take A Shot At Old People Who Don't Get Bitcoin | CNBC
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24 Responses

  1. Ethan P. says:

    What kind of weight will the Winklevoss carry from their financial opiions. They basically got rich by receiving a settlement from FB. I don't think their opinions on any financial matters are credible and believable.

  2. Bitcoin 40k by end of the year of 2018!

  3. Dan Bac says:

    Of course the twins are going to be pushing Bitcoin given they own such a huge stash . No Bitcoin …no Wrinkle Twin billionaires

  4. Basically You can't teach old dogs new tricks !

  5. John George says:

    they got "cucked" by the zucc. he literately took their idea and turned it into a 500 billion dollar company

  6. Im glad to see the twins call out these "status quo" old dinosaurs, their time has come and gone, yet insist on keeping that power. Its time for the likes of george soros and warren buffet to finally ride off into the sunset and share some of that wealth.

  7. David Lawman says:

    They obviously have to say Bitcoin is good.  Their business is around it.  Duh…

  8. Some one stole their billion dollar idea from them and they still became billionairs. These guys understand what the future holds.

  9. Mike says:

    Use it to know it…. Don't make opinions without knowing facts.. It is fantastic technology and BTC is great… This is the next big thing.. I am lucky to have known and used this tech # BTC

    IT all begins with a fatty who is on welfare looking to get his magic sword fast but does not want to earn it. SO what does this welfare gamer do? He spends one dollar ona virtual token in order to buy his make believe sword. That is it. This is how it began.
    gamers with no life, decides to cheat on games and get ahead by buying tokens to win faster, thus making the virtual tokens valuable to china. So now china has their prisoners working 14 hours a day to dig virtual coins to sell for real money. Also alot of third world countries too.
    So now the blockchain later gets made. What is the blockchain? Its when you allow a supercomputer to send algarythims into your pc to do mathematical equations. SO let say your pc does 80 percent of the work to complete the requirements at the cost of 200 dollars on your electric bill from the power use, china or others team up and finish 20 percent of the work left, they win.
    Yep they get the whole fake coin you almost won. So you do 80 percent of the mining and still lose. For china controls 30 percent of all mining in the world.
    This is blockchain

    SO now 90 percent of all alt coins and bit coins are used for fantasy football and games .
    Then this lazy nerd wanna bees claim its the future just cause they are lazy.

    Then they claim 3000 stores use Bitcoin?
    Is this true?
    if you live in Japan and some Asia countries
    for in reality that is the scam too

    THen if you have bitcoin if I steal it ? is it a crime?

    for it is illegal to have any currency in the government not created by the government
    This is why you cant create your own bit coin and call it Ethereum , bitcoin as well
    NO one owns the name for if they register it the Swat team comes and arrests them
    Yep its ILLEGAL AS WELL.

    Also on it states bitcoins has no cash value!!
    so if i steal It from you, I can say to judge look at what it says no cash value
    IT's just a sweepstakes to circumvent the laws.

    AND EVERY NERD READING THIS IS GNASHING TEETH < CLANKING THIS FISTS IN THE AIR screaming no dont reveil behind the curtain…
    PS OF WElfare ends for SSI and subsidy for the fatty playing games all day and using welfare money to play games all the coins end..
    just to let you know how it depends on the lazies ..
    Like a convenience store nere a project.
    For an average convenience store makes 1.2 million in gross sales a year because the projects supports them in candies, ice cream ,cigs, ect.
    without welfare they would make only 100k.

  11. AthenaSaints says:

    Technology that makes life better has value. The "measurement" of that value, does not have much value. So I don't understand why those bitcoin lovers measure the value of bitcoin using U.S. dollar, which is a fiat currency. In addition, bitcoin's future competitors are infinite, but there are only around 180 currencies in the world, and only 118 elements on the periodic table. Therefore, I don't understand why bitcoin is so special that it has incredible value. Block-chain technology is a different story; who has exclusive patent on this technology? That individual or organization will have great value.

  12. AthenaSaints says:

    Also, there are people who said governments need to regulate crypto-currency, so everybody trust it and use it. But I thought the whole point of crypto-currency is NOT to have governments involved. So Winklevoss twin can claim whatever they want, I really don't need someone else to tell me what has value, and what does not. Do you own homework.

  13. The winklevoss twins stole the idea for facebook and are now promoting a crypto currency which was stolen by the hacker group satoshi nakamoto. When you solve for bitcoins you are actually cracking bank account passwords and helping criminals steal from banks. You morons have been warned.

  14. I would encourage EVERYONE to buy at least 1 BITCOIN , this will slowly bankrupt the BIG BANKS and their INSATIABLE GREED …… it's time for a new financial system it's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN ….

  15. T Ho says:

    CNBC sort your background music out, its way too loud

  16. F M says:

    This twins apparently are scammers.
    They tried to scam FB but couldn't.
    Now they are supporting bitcoin which is the biggest scam in human history.

  17. Super Roo says:

    its all psychology and neuroscience. They are right

  18. a64750 says:

    all true; Butcorn's a debit card

  19. Bruce Walden says:

    we're coming back up fast ladies and gentlemen. stay, and enjoy the ride

  20. John Smith says:

    Meanwhile Buffet bets on… Coke!

  21. David Watts says:

    40 times, that's only $350,000.

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