The Truth About HOW BLOCKCHAIN WORKS In 5 Minutes

Video Transcription

Since the days of clay tablets people have recorded the exchange of goods and services as we evolved into the digital age.

Recording these transactions has become much more complex whether it’s the exchange of money between two parties documenting.

How goods move through a supply chain or making contractual agreements the growth of global commerce and trade has created a network of disparate ledger systems vulnerable to errors fraud and misinterpretation.

Blockchain offers all parties involved in a business network a secured and synchronized record of transactions.

The blockchain ledger records every sequence of transactions from beginning to end whether it’s hundreds of steps in a supply chain or a single online payment.

As each transaction occurs it’s put into a block each block is connected to the one before and after it groups of transactions are blocked together and a fingerprint of each block is added to the next thus creating an irreversible chain law…Watch the video for more.

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