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What’s going on guys III Santos and I’m gonna go a little bit more in-depth on trust wallet, all right so as you can see here you can store hundreds of coins in one place like diesel cosmos finance Bitcoin cerium, and many others. And if you want to buy hidden gems and you don’t want to keep it on the exchanges I highly recommend installing a trusted wallet or you can install a Tomic wallet. Let’s check it out, right here while I connect that’s how you can stake your room tour chain tokens you can add a passcode you know currency USD and there are our Twitter telegram and all that stuff, and if you go here invite a friend get twt tokens. I’ve used a link below you will get a hundred twt tokens they’re gonna come out probably on the finance app so the trust wallet token you can do the dark mode right here. Before I start that let me show you real quick so you see here when you create a wallet you have to make sure you keep your 12 words right or else if you lose these words recovery words you can’t go log back in on your wallet. Your recovery phrase is really really in point for you to copy these words. Okay so once you copy these twelve words whether you send it to your email or write it on a piece of paper, I don’t know what show you’re gonna do it but take care of… Watch the video for more.

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Trust wallet is now officially Cryptocurrency Wallet for Binance, it is a secure platform to use, they store your security keys locally, with layers of security.


Sweet multicurrency, you can choose between Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple ect. It is a decentralized exchange that works with Binance Dex and Kyber Network protocol, it is possible to make instant trades. You can rely on the trust wallet written on their website, would never infringe on customer’s personal information, and keep your data private and secure. Full support of erc20 tokens on the Ethereum Network, and BEP2 on Binance Chain.



This may be among the best multicurrency wallet, which allows you to store most of the cryptocurrency on the market today in circulation. It is a wallet that gives you full control of and you can backup all your wallets with a password.

The trust wallet origin was first created as a mobile wallet and then developed into a wallet from a mobile device. Which you can easily download the app via Google play store to your phone. The reason being though is that one should be able to use the trust wallet as a multinational cryptocurrency wallet, it should be easy to use the platform and easily accessible.


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