The Crypto Book How to Invest Safely in Bitcoin and Other Crypto


The Crypto Book


Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies it enables are being described by some people as the biggest thing since the internet, but very few people understand it, or the opportunities it brings. Enter this down-to-earth guide to understanding what cryptocurrencies are, why it matters, and how to make money from them.


This book is for everyone who has heard of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, wants to learn more – and make money on the back of it. Believe it or not, if you bought $1,000 of Bitcoin in 2010, you would now be worth over $220m! This has left the public stunned. People around the world are asking “What on earth is a crypto?”, “Should I buy some Bitcoin?”, “How do I even buy some cryptocurrencies?“, “Isn’t this just one big bubble?” and more.


Siam Kidd is one of the world’s leading authorities on how to safely invest in cryptocurrencies. He runs The Realistic Trader, home to the world’s best crypto investing course for beginners with a community of followers from around the globe.


He created this book to lift up the crypto bonnet in order to reveal, explain and illustrate everything you really need to know about this fascinating market. You’ll learn:


What all this Crypto stuff is

Why it exists

Where this industry is going in the future

How it will positively change your life

The pitfalls and errors every newbie makes

And importantly, how to safely play in this market if you so wish to have a dabble with some risk capital!


This book does all that without boring you with mathematics and ‘Geek Speak’.




“The future of money is digital currency.” “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.” Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

ISBN: 9781473693319
Author: Kidd, Siam

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The crypto book is for beginners who have zero or little knowledge in the field, this is a general introductory book on cryptocurrency. Found the pitfalls of distributed ledger technology, basic concepts of blockchain, and cryptocurrency transactions.

Siam Kidd is one of the world’s leading institutions for secure cryptocurrency investments. He runs realistic traders, who are home to the world’s best cryptocurrency investing courses for beginners, and a group of followers from around the world.

Encryption book: how to securely invest in Bitcoin and other currencies …

The Crypto Book, How to Invest Safely in Bitcoin and Other ...


Some people describe blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that it supports as the biggest thing since the Internet, but few people understand the opportunity or opportunities it offers. Enter this down-to-earth guide to understand what cryptocurrencies are, why they are important, and how you can make money from them.

The Crypto Book: How to Invest Safely in Bitcoin and Other …

Investigating how to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Ripple or Iota can be a daunting task. First, blockchain – an algorithm-based digital ledger that enables anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency – is a complicated idea. However, there are all the different cryptocurrencies to choose from, plus digital wallets and several confusing ways to buy and trade for new investors to master.

Although Bitcoin has received the most attention (and soaring value), it is not the only cryptocurrency that has attracted the attention of investors. If you want to learn more about Ethereum as a potential investment, this book is called a “non-technical blockchain” and can be used as an asset.

Bitcoin investment strategies

Like any other market speculation, Bitcoin investment strategies should be supported by the basics rather than the hype – when it comes to talking about assets without any inherent, tangible value, it is no easy task. (To be fair, there are many respected economists and investment gurus (like Warren Buffett) who think Bitcoin is a completely crazy idea.)

The average introduction for beginners with zero or little knowledge in the field. There are basic concepts related to distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency transaction traps.




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