What Is XRP, and How Is It Related to Ripple?

XRP is a digital currency which is issued and partly managed by Ripple Inc. a payment solutions company that also manages the RippleNet cross-border payment network. Ripple began selling XRP in 2012, though the company has turned its attention away from the digital currency and toward its cross-border payment network in recent years. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum , Ripple does not refer to a blockchain network with a native cryptocurrency asset. In fact, Ripple, the company, has a history of reframing how XRP fits into its business model, first embracing it as the fuel that powers its cross-border payments […]

Ripple Billionaire Investor Hoax, XRP Privacy Coin Potential, XRP TA & Hype?

Video transcription

Hey guys, my name is Michael and today we are discussing XRP ripple again, that’s because we have more in the news today, and I saw yesterday’s video had 528 views. So when you refresh youtube, throws these party balloons at you, because this is absolutely crazy, so we’re finally getting back to pre Bitcoin crash levels when Kubera was actually doing fine with the algorithm.

So it looks like you guys are excited. Everyone enjoys ripple for the most part. There were some interesting comments that, unfortunately, there’s always some spam and some bad stuff that we need to remove. So today we are going through a list of stories. Ripple is XRP becoming a privacy coin. There has been there’s, been a small scandal with a Goldman Sachs billionaire XRP investor, so we’re going to go into the details of that ripple, ta and finally, indicators show that dormant Bitcoin, Ethereum and extra p look ready to jump.

We have one article. That’s saying you know what XRP is doing, just fine, it might even go a little bit below and another article is like yeah we’re going all the way to the moon. So we’re doing a nice, steady balance here, known as Michael Kubera, we’ve reduced the resolution. A little bit so hopefully there’s not as much lag, and I guess we’re just gonna have to make do with that for now until there’s a better computer.


Ripple’s Big Week – XRP News (July 21st)

Video transcription

Today we are discussing Ripple. So I have a few videos that we need to make about the whoa token chain link, PayPal’s crypto deal. What’s up with that you and I had a few of your answers on my other channel.

I asked which cryptocurrencies and Altcoins would you want me to make a video on, and today’s video is actually from one of those questions from a subscriber who said: hey, let’s review Ripple, so here’s a shout out to Jackson moan, he said XRP, especially with the upcoming Dates July, 21st to July 31st, and here we are July 21st, so I thought it would be the perfect day to upload about this.

We got some news and I’m actually going to link another YouTuber who’s. A hundred percent pro XRP, like oh, his entire channel, is XRP, so I’m gonna have two ripple videos about these next few dates that we’re gon na be discussing over the next week. I guess and he’s gonna go more in-depth with it.

So I’m just gonna mention his name and you can go follow up with that. If you’re interested in ripple used to be a big ripple, fan-made money with it lost money with it. It is one of the most popular coins out there. i’m not against many cryptocurrencies unless they’re scams, so I guess you could say I’m on the side of ripple, although I try not to take too many sides, I’m also on the side of ethereal, I’m definitely into Bitcoin.