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Payment war sunrise digital background 172976 Coronavirus Impacts On Cashless Society Cryptocurrency

Coronavirus Impacts On Cashless Society, Cryptocurrency

Is the coronavirus a way for the government elite to speed up the process of allowing society to go cashless in the future? By causing fear of the spread of the virus, which could now also be infected through coins and banknotes … and also prohibit and say that itRead More

2020 02 27 Swedish e currency Gamla Stan CREDIT Pablo flickr Swedish central bank launches e currency pilot

Swedish central bank launches e-currency pilot

Gamla Stan, Stockholm: Sweden is a largely cashless society. (Photo by Pablo via flickr) Sweden’s central bank has launched a pilot that aims to test a “simple and user-friendly” digital krona, marking another step towards its plan to roll out an e-currency. The Riksbank has announced that it is workingRead More

Card Payment What does a cashless future mean The Economist

What does a cashless future mean? The Economist

Somewhere in the near future physical money will become like these relics of different age and will only be found in places like this in other words hard cash will disappear, it will become electronically transferred by things. like these so what’s the rush to get rid of cash andRead More