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Thank you for engaging with the interactive 360 ​​° Auroville Archaeological Park video Auroville Archaeological Park lies at the intersection Thousands of visitors passed to the Matrimander viewing point every day. Work on this site started in 2012 Since then we have excavated and documented 14 Cairn circles in limestone 32 landfills in urns And 7 tombs of granite stone They date back to roughly 500 BC. 500m for nearly 2000 years. Auroville is a sign of respect and appreciation for those who have long lived on this land And their descendants are our hosts today.

Auroville Archaeological Park Video ☀ Auroville Visitors Centre To Matrimandir - VR360 1

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Virtual Guided Tour Of Rome 360 VR Video | Trevi Fountain in Italy



Let’s take a journey to Rome, Italy, the city famous for its fountains and squares. We will begin by passing through Porta del Popolo, the northern gateway to Rome, Piazza Popolo, which means the people’s Plaza is located past this gate.

There is a 36 meter obelisk located in the center of the plaza. You can catch a beautiful view of Rome from a terrace at the top of the Fincian hill. We highly recommend you to catch a sunset from this spot. If you go south through the square, you can spot the twin churches. These churches embody baroque style architecture from the 17th century. Let’S now visit piazza di spagna, also known as spanish square In Spanish square. You can find the fountain of the old boat Condotti Street is on the opposite side, which has a lot of luxury brand shops. Spanish square became worldly famous when Audrey Hepburn ate gelato on the Spanish Steps in the filmed Roman holiday.


At the end of the Spanish Steps is the Trinity Day Monti Cathedral Rome is full of squares and you can often find the locals and tourists alike mingling and socializing in them. Italy is very passionate about football. So, on the day of as Roma’s soccer game in Rome, You will find people in uniforms, selling tickets and promoting for the game. Here you have the trevi fountain where people throw in coins to make wishes. There are 440 fountains in Rome and trevi fountain is arguably the most well known To make your wish come true.

It is said that you must turn your back against the fountain Hold a coin in your right hand and pass it over your left shoulder. Perhaps you too could wish upon a coin, and have it come true through the magic of this fountain? Policemen are always present at the trevi fountain to guard the wishes of nearly 3000 euros that are thrown in every day. Let’S now visit the Pantheon, which is located in Rotonda square, It was built in 25 BC and is the most well preserved structure from the Roman Empire. The Name Pantheon means “ temple dedicated to all gods”.

The dome ceiling inside the temple has a hole. That’S nine meters in diameter And if you go inside on a clear day, you can watch the sun rays shining over the sculpted gods. One by one Navona square is only a three minute: walk from the pantheon Many street performers, artists and musicians come here to entertain the public. There are three fountains in navona square:

Virtual Guided Tour Of Rome 360 VR Video | Trevi Fountain in Italy 2

The Fiumi fountain, Which is in the center, is most popular due to its dynamic and colorful design. Since there are so many great outdoor restaurants near navona square, We recommend you to take a break here and enjoy the street performers.

let’s now head for Castel Sant’Angelo On our way to the castle is the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge, where the 10 statues of Bernini and His disciples are located. Many people visit this bridge in the evening because of the romantic atmosphere and lighting of the Tiber River Past.

The bridge is Santangelo castle. The castle has an underground corridor that connects to the Vatican, So it is used as a refuge for the Pope in case of an emergency. As you climb your way to the top of the castle, you will want to capture some of the picturesque scenes of Rome On the roof of the castle.



Is the statue of Michael the Archangel? You can also spot Santangelo bridge st. Peter’s Cathedral and the Vatican from here. This concludes our tour of Rome, the city of fountains and squares. We recommend you to begin your European journey in Rome. As the old saying goes. “all roads lead to Rome, .”

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