Dell Latitude 5400 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell Latitude 5400 14” mid-tier business Ultrabook. The laptop has a matte display (touch is optional), plenty of ports including Thunderbolt 3 and Ethernet, 2 RAM slots, optional 4G LTE and a pleasing keyboard. It runs…


This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this sexy thing all right, not-so-sexy is the Dell Latitude 5400, the 5000 series for the latitude is their middle-of-the-road one which is nice because you get a lot of good features on it but not the crazy high price tag either.

For our business lap tune laptop latitude is part of the business line though it might not be consumer-level shiny silver sexy there’s a couple of things to really like about this and starts at eight hundred and nineteen dollars, grant that’s with a Core i3 and a 720p display

.But even if you can figure it up nicely the way ours is with a full HD touchscreen and a core i5 with v pro and a 512 gig SSD you’re looking at around 13 $1400 and that’s without your corporate discounts that most business buyers are going to negotiate, well what’s so cool about it it has a matte display a true matte display even if you get the touchscreen option so you don’t see that…

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