Bitcoin Cash BCH Storage Wallet Cards


S l1600 Bitcoin Cash BCH Storage Wallet Cards

Bitcoin Cash / BCH Cryptocurrency Storage Wallet Cards / Gift

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Public-Key on Front / Private-Key on the Back with Tamper Proof Hologram ” Double Sided ”


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*Check other auctions for LTC,BTC,ETH,XRP cards.
What is a wallet card?

A wallet card is a way to store crypto coins by printing the public and private-keys on a plastic card. This “cold storage” method keeps your coins safe from hackers and malware that attempt to steal your private key from your computer. However, since the private-key is on the card, the card itself must be kept safe.

If I lose my card, can you send me the private key?

To ensure maximum security, private-keys are not saved. When the card is made, the public and private keys are created on a computer without access to the internet and then sent to the printer. The printed card is the only copy of the private-key. If it’s lost, there is no way to recover it.

Does the card come with coins already loaded?

At this time, all the cards sold contain a 0 balance.

Can you load this card with a Crypto ATM?

Yes, you can also scan the QR code and load your card with Bitcoin/Crypto ATMs.

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