Stimulus Checks & Unemployment Issues In America | Economic Crisis

Stimulus Checks & Unemployment Issues In America | Economic Crisis

Today we’re not discussing about Tasos, however, I’ve had a few comments about tasers, so there will be a future video – and this is an interesting headline here. First number tasers let crypto market with twice of bitcoins gains in April, so tasers common. But today, besides the fact that you should follow me if you have tick tock, I know it’s silly, but I made a coup. Bear a cryptocurrency, tick, tock and Bitcoin being at $ 8,900 were ten days away from the Bitcoin.

Having today we’re finally discussing about the stimulus check and there’s gon na be a few videos about this, so for Americans out there, why haven’t I gotten my stimulus checks, six reasons? Your payment might be a no-show from MarketWatch and also to go a month or more without a paycheck is terrifying. This single mom applied for unemployment five weeks ago and has a hundred bucks left in her bank account. So, let’s begin with that, and let’s roll the intro thanks so much for joining in today, I’ve called the unemployment Center every day ten times a day for weeks, and I get the same message that they’re too busy and to call back the next business day. Every single time so in previous videos, I’ve mentioned that there’s over 30 million Americans unemployed pretty soon. That number might be at 40 million Aliya Rene kappa du ch 39 Treasures.

The time she now gets to spend with her daughter, reading books before naps and bedtime and fighting off evil villains before she was furloughed from her job five weeks ago, where she worked as a screener for potential clients at a matchmaking service near Teaneck, New Jersey. She never would have been able to spend nearly as much time with her daughter Hadley. So there’s a positive. There been a lot of tears of utter frustration. I’Ve gone five weeks without a paycheck. I wasn’t so worried about making sure my daughter was taken care of. I don’t think I would be in this constant state of anxiety, currently I’m a full-time, stay-at-home single mom. Usually my mom watches my daughter when at work I haven’t been a full-time mom, since she was four months old, so it’s an adjustment.

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