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Solar Power Cryptocurrency (MNOER)

What is Mnoer ?

Mnoer or (MNR) is more than just cryptocurrency. It was found to solve a problem.

Have you heard about nowhere before Noah where MNR is more than just a cryptocurrency? it was founded to solve the problem of alternative energy. NOAA’s mission is to take advantage of transparency and consistency in blockchain technology and to start a solar-powered company to provide the energy requirements for people around the world.

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Our idea is now on blockchain and ready for investors our M&R currency project will be ready to save energy and get you paid in return profits will be shared by the owners that is each portion of the profits will be shared among M&R holders monthly you can invest in o’er in several different ways you can contact us and by M&R directly from us or you can buy it from Fork Delta app.

Swap that IO or any other cryptocurrency exchange we will update the description of this video with all the exchange platforms that support M&R be sure to read the description don’t forget that there are big prizes every one that leaves a comment and shares this video…



How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin on Solar 24/7

Video Transcription

Today I’m going to do the biggest project I ever made on my youtube channel.

Going to set up this video card at ten fifty TI on a computer mining solar 24/7 using a battery we’re checking how much can you make, and if I’m never going to make my money back and if it’s really worth it to mine on solar panel,

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Stay tuned for the end of the video because at the end I will show you how to get this card, send it to one of my subscribers for free so stay tuned…Have to build a computer then set up all the cabling to the solar panel the converter and the battery then, have to install the solar on the roof and set everything up and start it..and see how it minds and sees how long it can mine only on a solar panel.

I choose a big solar panel so the extra solar that’s going to be made by the Sun will go to the battery, now let’s check out all the parts that I have and see how we’re going start for this project we need a lot of parts battery a Hana watt battery, so it can run at night and charge during the day a PC case to store all the mining equipment, we need a CPU

This week giveaway – So many subscribers asked me about solar so here you go, fully solar mining … watch the video for more.


Vermont Power Utility Partners With Blockchain Firm for Local Solar Energy Sales

Video Transcription

Some Vermont-based households can now sell their excess renewable energy to businesses through blockchain-based energy startup LO3’s platform.

Vermont power utility Green Mountain Power and LO3 jointly launched a pilot project that enables homeowners with solar panels to sell surplus power to businesses served by the utility, industry-focused publication Microgrid Knowledge reported on Nov. 19.

The project is called Vermont Green and is set to begin in December, with the initial objective to cover 50 businesses and 150 households. The partners expect the program to result in around 500 MWh in trades per year.

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LO3 and Green Mountain Power thus aim to advance local energy markets, with the platform establishing a “backbone” for local power transactions, which would also involve power storage, electric vehicle chargers, and thermostatically-controlled loads or carbon offsets.

In a filing to state regulators cited by Microgrid Knowledge, Green Mountain states, “LO3 is currently developing features that would allow buyers to specify a town or even the exact seller to purchase from, helping to strengthen connections and economic activity within local communities.” Watch the video for more.


Solar Storage and End-of-Life Use and Recycling

Video Transcription

Welcome to the PB technology solar storage and end-of-life use and recycling webinar this forms part of the expert training series by the International solar Alliance in partnership with Clean Energy Solutions Center and the Carbon Trust.

An overview of the training course modules in this series we’ve got eight different modules and an additional course and this webinar forms part of the additional courses and as I said will focus on solar storage and the end-of-life use and recycling.

Today’s agenda following the learning objective in the introduction we will look at the need for energy storage with a solar PV plant projects and then looking into the solar PV storage technology types and the specifications and economics associated with each one in Chapter four….watch the video for more.

Bitcoin Mining with Antminer S7 and using Green Energy from a Solar Mill

is an innovative blockchain mining project that can generate its own power using GREEN hybrid technologies. The project makes it …

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