How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin Using Bitcoin Cash App Beginner

Start buying and selling bitcoin via the app Android and iPhone applications. This can be done easily through your cash app balance. You can also spend without any extra costs via your Visa debit card.

Here you who are interested can get some more information and download the app. a fairly simple website with fun animation characters and quick overview and a brief history of the popular, secret currency bitcoin, take a look and download the app.

Business owners also have the opportunity to accept bitcoins via an app called app register, just go to google play store and search for the app.

It is completely free to accept payments, no hidden fees. There is no registration process whatsoever, what you need to do is make use of a app address or an extended public key from your wallet, and then you can start accepting instant and secure Bitcoin cash payments.

The great thing about this app for businesses is that there is an entire management system built into the app that has a user-friendly employment security system, settings can only be changed by using a PIN code.

Choose over 200 currency when entering the amount, review the transaction history for your bookkeeping needs.

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin Using Bitcoin Cash App Beginner 1

Another app on the market where you can store your BCH is ​​Bitcoin Cash wallet, it is a multi-functional app, regarding its security.

The app offers, Fingerprint login, 2.factor authentication, Pincode lock´, email confirmations for each transaction, and daily, weekly transaction limits.

You can load your bitcoin cash wallet with almost any kind of cryptocurrency currency that exists, receive and send BCH to whatever altcoin address you so desire.

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There is a built-in cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade without leaving your wallet.

How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin with Cash App

Video Transcript

I’m going to show you how to buy and sell Bitcoin using the cash app is a simple app by a company called square

So if you’ve ever bought something out like a local shop they probably have that little thing on the end of their iPad or their iPhone that you swipe your card through.

Anyways that same company has an app called cache and the cached app now allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin so in this video, we’re gonna talk about how to do that and also some of the positives and negatives to using this app.

To purchase your Bitcoin, so here we are on the cash app I have already signed up and logged in so if you haven’t signed up I’ll put my link for that down in the description and once you’ve signed up you’ll come to this screen where you can request or pay people.

Basically, type in the amount and then hit request or pay that’s gonna open up your contacts and you’re gonna be able to send it to people well what we’re talking about today, is for Bitcoin purchases now in the top left we can tap that and go to…Watch the video for more.

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