Save Money Traveling With Bitcoin & Wirex

Today I revisit an app & service called Wirex as I fly to the UK and easily convert Bitcoin to British Pounds for easy use. Get A Wirex Card (25% off your first ...

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Wirex Card

I've been spending the last week or so in England, I'm currently in a place called Harrogate and I would like today to revisit an app and products that I've explored before called wire racks, and the reason for the revisit is I feel like this the first time I'm really getting to see the potential of these kinds of apps for using Bitcoin around the world.
What is wire X it is an app that allows you to order virtual and physical MasterCard and Visa cards where you can convert your bitcoins to the local currency? So I will link of course to my previous videos so you can see so anything that I might miss in this video but I want to highlight how easy it is now to convert your currency to Bitcoin and into another local currency without paying a lot of fees.

Let's take a look at the app and then the website and do some fee comparisons versus maybe changing through a bank. On The wyrex app you can get this from the Google Play Store or you can get this on iOS for Apple or for iPhone so right away when you open up the app this is I've already set this up I already have money in this wallet and I've been using it throughout England.

When You first open it up you're going to see your Bitcoin wallet and you can swipe to the side, and this is where your cards will be, these are cards that I've already set up but when you first get this app, will not be here, you'll just see this order card slide and that is it but we'll get to that in a second.

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First, let's check out the first screen here down below you have previous transactions again if this is a new app for you, you will see nothing down here but up top, this is your Bitcoin wallet.


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