Republican CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz On Crypto Regulation | CNBC

CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz talks about regulating cryptocurrencies.
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Republican CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz On Crypto Regulation | CNBC


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5 Thoughts to “Republican CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz On Crypto Regulation | CNBC”

  1. Skeptics need permission to exchange oranges for apples. Exchange is a very powerful word

  2. It's absurd to ask the cryptocurrency community to self-regulate AND still perhaps be subject to government regulation to. I find it hilarious that the same proponents of "less regulation" find it necessary to regulate cryptocurrencies. Maybe if people learned enough about cryptocurrencies, they would be able to adequately protect themselves from fraud. But alas the CFTC and the SEC both exist and yet fraud still occurs under their watch. So how can they conclude that credibility is added to cryptocurrencies when the CFTC or SEC provide oversight?

  3. The whole point is to NOT be regulated by the government and be decentralized.

  4. lol howey semantics for securities, looks like somebody remembers his series 63 and 87 materials

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