Regulating Bitcoin’s Unique Characteristics: CFTC’s Andrew Busch | CNBC

Andrew Busch, CFTC chief market intelligence officer provides insight to regulating bitcoin futures.
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Regulating Bitcoin's Unique Characteristics: CFTC's Andrew Busch | CNBC


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7 Thoughts to “Regulating Bitcoin’s Unique Characteristics: CFTC’s Andrew Busch | CNBC”

  1. There's no need to regulate Blockchain… Yet here we are.. There they go..

  2. regulate aka corrupt it in a way to fill ur own pockets!

  3. Using fear of loss in the public eye, so the government can have control. Boy, not much has changed.

  4. Oh my god, she is so ugly..

  5. Why are people so scared of volatility? Once the market stabilizes, all the money will have been made. Chaos is a ladder.

  6. BUCSH… nice spelling, idiots..

  7. This girl cry too much. Come on !! Be strong and don't be scare


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