Are People Throwing Out Paper Money and Buying Bitcoin?

How do you feel about me taking this $100 bill right now and just throwing it in the garbage?

Is that a good idea I don’t know but that’s exactly what’s going on right now in Venezuela and in this video I’m gonna tell you exactly how Bitcoin is actually helping the local people fight against currency manipulation.

Paper Money being thrown away

Stay tuned the video you are looking at right now was taken from social media of people showing how and then as well a thousands and thousands of banknotes are being thrown away like common garbage.

The streets are strewn with banknotes that have been completely obliterated because the government has actually changed again the value of the bills, Money 3545832 1280 547x365 Are People Throwing Out Paper Money and Buying Bitcointherefore rendering all of these bills unusable, this is as a result of the fact that in Venezuela hyperinflation has completely decimated the value of the local currency.

A key component because if you think about the people that actually had all of their assets tied into these types of bankruptcy law tamanna Khalif all of it is simply paper that gets thrown away with the garbage…


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