More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC

So just taking a look at the returns we've seen in Bitcoin over the last couple of years versus the equity markets that Don just pointed out.

James I know one of the things you are saying here in your note that a long-term investor should buy all of these dips as part of their portfolio and just never look at them again.

Bitcoin is not a penny stock it's not something you buy one day and sell the next day for little gains, you have to be a long-term believer that cryptocurrencies solve huge problems, that paper currencies have cryptocurrencies will replace some are all of the paper currencies in the long run, so people are always saying,

Oh am I too late to get into this. no, this dip now gives the opportunity to see massive enormous gains are you investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies...

I've been buying on the way down, and I'll buy on the way up. You know what's going to happen, is more regulation will happen and that's a good thing, because then the masses will trust that the government's involved they will possibly be protected and institutions. which have not yet been exposed to this.

Really maybe one quarter of 1% of institutions have exposure to Bitcoin they'll finally start getting in and this will be a valid investment class regulations, this is part of the reason we're seeing Bitcoin other cryptocurrency shellacked in the last couple of days crackdowns in China South Korea, How do you regulate up the cryptocurrency market it's a fair it's a fair question South Korea is hinted that it might want to take on the exchanges themselves, they since at least one person in the South Korean government recanted that idea I would agree with James the regulation, in the end, is a good thing,

For these markets we saw it happen in Japan in 2017, that was a big boost of the market Australia as well sort of acknowledged that this is the thing that we want to be a part of.


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28 Thoughts to “More Regulations Will Help Legitimize Digital Currencies | CNBC”

  1. This guy reminds me of Ted Mosby

  2. This guy invested 2,6 milion $ USD in zcash (ZEC), check out his tweets from decembar. What a shark omg

  3. I'm tired of these so called 'bitcoin experts'. No regulations are not good, they're only trying to control people wtf

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  5. This guy looks like the crypto mad scientist

  6. This guy looks like eisenstein with wacko hair.

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    all my bitcoin already convent

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  8. This guy is not an expert. You can't regulate Bitcoin.

  9. This man is a scammer. Why would you invite him?

  10. Good video i like your information. I made a video of bitcoin crackdown

  11. This guy has interviewed about almost killing himself… if this fails I bet he does

  12. Why Bitcoin though? Seems to me that Bitcoin is already out dated in terms of usability. There are other coins with faster transaction times and other useful features. Seems like just more hype to me. Thoughts?

  13. This guy said Bitcoin is a fad and Ponzi, now he's an expert? This is why MSM is fake news.

  14. TRANSLATION: More regulations will allow a very small segment of the ultra-wealthy to control and extort profit from the system/people, just like in the banking industry.

    P.S. Read my comment below for more reality checks on Bitcoin and James Altucher.

  15. COINCIDENCE? I want to point out that there seems to be an inordinate amount of comments that are similar in nature on this video, such as insinuating that this guy is some kind of a genius, or in some way cool, and very brief (one sentence).

    For instance;
    "Albert Einstein over here"
    "Albert Einstein had funny hair. Look how smart he was. If you are an investor, pay attention to this guy."
    "Does anyone else think that he looks like Ted from "How I Met Your Mother"?"
    "This guy looks like eisenstein with wacko hair."
    "This guy looks like the crypto mad scientist"

    The question is, do you believe that shills are paid to comment on Youtube?

  16. Guys like this are scrambling to find positives in stuff that they don't want to happen. No Bitcoiner really wants regulation.

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  18. this guy has 'SCAM' written all over his face.

  19. He looks like the Jew meme itself

  20. So with no regulation, how does one dispute payments get refunds and all other issues we have today with banks and all? What security is there?

  21. Love this guy…. wacky dude…


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  24. Great call on Bitcoin. Lol. What a clown. Altucher is a reflection of a helpless society. Gets rich off of others’ misery, and misguided views of what “investing” is. Listen to him, and you’ll go broke.

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