Modern technology bus which can run in traffic

This bus is very high technology bus
Which can run without driver
It can become small or big according to condition

China is most advanced country in advanced new technology.
The next year (2019) China is Launching the new transport Technology.
This is the world No:1 Transport Technology In future.

In China there are four main modes of public transportation: subway, light rail, bus rapid transit (BRT), and normal buses. The express coach would be a substitute for BRT and augment its advantages. To modify the road for the bus, two options are available: rails can be laid on the edges of the lanes that the bus occupies, or two white lines can be painted on the road to facilitate use of autopilot technology.
Rails would offer less wheel rolling resistance and better energy efficiency. For either option, it may be necessary to widen the lanes occupied by the bus to accommodate the bus wheels and undercarriage whilst allowing other vehicles to pass under the bus two abreast. Since the bus is no higher than a tractor-trailer, roadway overpasses will usually not be a problem.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Modern technology bus which can run in traffic

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  • pinit_fg_en_rect_gray_20 Modern technology bus which can run in traffic
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