Mobius on Emerging Markets, Commodities, Bitcoin

Dec.06 -- Mark Mobius, executive chairman at Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Group, discusses the rally in emerging markets, the risks he sees in the market, where he's finding opportunity, China's economy, the commodity rally, bitcoin and the biggest tech investment in 2018. He speaks to Bloomberg's Haslinda Amin from The Year Ahead Asia event in Jakarta.


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4 Thoughts to “Mobius on Emerging Markets, Commodities, Bitcoin”

  1. More old men talking about things they know nothing about. Bitcoin seems to be the best thing rich old bankers like to dislike because they don't get it. He is wrong, Currency literally is defined as a medium of exchange. It's literally the same thing, he says not so. Well dictionaries prove I am right, old timer. He is clueless about everything he says. Every fearful thing he says is proven wrong, lol. Just clueless rich old conservatives who are scared of things they do not understand, as usual

  2. I have some of his own advice to use against his logic on bitcoin. 2 quotes from mark mobius, "Don’t panic. Panic… is an irrational visceral response to a sense of powerlessness and helplessness, which often comes from a lack of understanding of the actual circumstances". (my quote to you on bitcoin). 2nd quote is, ("All investing involves risk… Emerging markets investing is no different."). Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mark.

  3. China cuz it's a certified communist slave State of Israel

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