McDownTrends — Cryptocurrency Parody Commercial

Join Bull as the severe crypto down trend forces him to take up an unpleasant "career" in fast food. When the work place becomes too much to bear, he considers an impromptu escape to the moon. Tune it to find out if his journey is a successful one!

Roughly inspired by the story of my life!

Created by the maker of the 2014 scamcoin parody, "Overkillcoin"...

Please consider supporting this project by sharing the free memes on my site , buying a shirt or even a donation (BTC: 17ugu95fdzNT6XVPpk4EnCYi18NCQYYNnw).

Thank you for watching and hopefully you'll see another episode soon!


Mixed by Nick Standing

"Good Morning"
Background music by
Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0

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