Managing Stress and Time

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Managing stress and time is a rewarding achievement that all must maintain in order to reach success. Each day we wake up, we begin by stressing to meet deadlines, demands, and finding time to spend with our family, selves and friends. This seems virtually impossible since there are only 24-hours in a single day and at least of eight of those hours are consumed with sleep.

The challenge of maintaining stress and time brings forth many obstacles, and most times, we find it difficult to maintain. In this article, we are going to work some techniques that help reduce stress and add more time to your management scheme. See, stress is a direct result of not handling your emotions in accordance to the many stressors that attack your life. The key then is finding a solution to get in touch with your emotions. When our emotions are in a sudden outburst, we often suffer tremendous and lack the ability to function to our fullest capacity.

Emotions can also affect how we hear people talk, and how we talk to people. This is called irrational behavior since the mind is not thinking to its capacity. The key then is finding a “rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT),” that works best for your mind. REBT is an action process that requires the individual to approach his or her emotions, while providing them the support to stay in contact with who they are and at the same time find a resolve within self.

The plan makes it a convenient method in approaching life’s problems in full light, while overcoming stress. The therapy technique requires only a few minutes of your time each day. We can start by telling our minds to think positive and believe in what we are telling ourselves. Emotions are a strong force we want to stop before they take control of our lives. If we have negative emotions, it affects our time management scheme since negative emotions puts fear and doubt into our heads.

Thinking Positive: 

We all must remember that we are responsible for decisions and behaviors, and that stress is the product of irrational thinking. By learning how to think reasonable and keeping a positive outlook on life, it is possible to manage stress and time. To learn we must practice. Practice makes perfect! This means that you will take a few minutes per day to tell yourself that you are responsible for you, and that you have full control of your mind and the decisions you make. You have control of your behavior and no one else.

Once you have accepted responsibility of your actions and decisions you will soon find the rest an easy road to travel. In other words, you will soon follow a pattern of wise decisions, when you learn to trust self and accept that we all make mistakes. 

Mistakes are common, but the key to success is learning from your mistakes. If you are stressed as a result of overloads in the workplace, home, and world, then you need to set up some space for yourself. This means that your time management scheme will need thoughtful planning so that you achieve a specific level of time to manage your stress. Putting off your responsibilities is the process of creating more problems.

Therefore, it is important that you create a plan and carrying out the responsibilities as soon as possible. This is putting your plans into action. Action is the process of making something work. When you are working toward goals, things will run smoothly since your plan is in place. 

Once you reach your short-term goals, the next step is working to achieve your long-term goal, which requires more action on your part and follow the same golden rules. So take the time out each day to think positive, since motivation is essential for time management and reducing stress.

Do not get caught up in self-punishment, which can only bring you down and stumble your time management scheme. Risks are fine as long as you do not have danger in your way. Remember taking risks is a part of life, and this article is geared to dare you to take the risk to become more productive in your everyday life. 

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